The Green Body Cleanse, by Dr Edward F Group, III – Book Review

We all want to strive for a clean bill of health and live a balanced, healthy life. Doing so means making the right choices in order to take care of your body; both emotionally and physically. Dr. Edward F. Group III gets to the gut of the issue in his new book titled, "The Green Body Cleanse: How to Cleanse Your Body and Home of Harmful Toxins Using Organic Methods."

Divided into eleven chapters, "The Green Body Cleanse" guides the reader through the hazards of the western lifestyle. It takes you on a voyage inside the digestive system, including your intestinal flora. He discusses dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, plus other disorders, concluding with a new way of life using holistic therapies. He emphasizes that each person has a different biochemistry, and what works for one will not needlessly work for another. Dr. Group also includes a colon health self-test, allowing the reader to can gain insight regarding how to improve their way of life. Gaining control over one's gastrointestinal mucosa is of utmost importance. Dr. Group's "The Green Body Cleanse" explains the entire system in a language that's easy to understand.

Dr. Group wrote about what is toxic in foods as well as environmental toxins and how to minimize the effects of hazardous toxins in our daily lives. Some of the toxins should be avoided genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine beverages such as coffee, dairy, soy, salt, white flour, processed and refined foods and monosodium glutamate which are often hidden in foods. I personally found the list of toxic fish with the varying levels of organic mercury to be most helpful. He also reveals in his book harmful toxins that are right in our living environment such as synthetic carpets and paint fumes. He offers tips on how to eliminate these poisonous toxins from our domain, such as opening windows during a rainstorm to provide circulation of oxygenated fresh air. It is also recommended to use non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaners.

Dr. Group is a strong advocate for organic foods – preferably locally grown (farmer's market) foods, or if you have the time he recommends growing your own food, organically in your backyard and within your living areas. He gives the reader fantastic tips regarding organic vegetables and fruits. How would anyone in their right mind prefer zucchini and yellow squash that has been genetically modified? He writes about how children who consume non-organic foods can retain up to 8 times as many organophosphates which may cause growth defects, childhood leukemia, brain tumors, asthma, and other serious diseases.

"The Green Body Cleanse" consist of 5 steps to cleanse both you and your home. Dr. Group explains an each of these 5 steps exactly how to cleanse your body in an easy to read format; these steps include:

1. Colon Cleansing
2. Liver and gallbladder cleansing
3. Parasite (Harmful organism cleansing)
4. Chemical and heavy metal cleaning
5. Green living cleansing (Cleansing your home and work of harmful toxins.)

I found this book filled with valuable information about the environment and providing invaluable lessons on how best to live a holistic life free of toxins. I like that Dr. Group explained the functions of our organs and how the food in your body will affect each associated function were really eye opening. We need to take care of our bodies not just by exercise, but also by knowing each organs functions and the right "fuel" we should be digesting.

Dr. Group has beautifully illustrated his book with appropriate photographs, drawings, and charts; all embedded within an indexed text galley on high quality paper. He ends with a resource list of natural medicine practitioners, natural health services, and recommended reading. It is also accompanied with a CD which contains the full instructions for the "Green Body Cleanse."

I highly recommend "The Green Body Cleanse: How to Cleanse Your Body and Home of Harmful Toxins Using Organic Methods" for everyone to keep their bodies running like a finely tuned machine. Life's inherent goal is to be the best we can for as long as we can. You should do this step-by-step under your doctor's supervision. Dr. Group has assembled just what your body needs to replenish itself from the inside out into a new, healthier way of life.