The Genuine Truth About the Life Expectancy of a Hybrid Car Battery

Hybrid cars are slowly becoming a major player within the automobile market. What started off as a novelty has now become a form of dream transport for people around the world. They are wonderful when it comes to maintenance, gas, and the environment. The fine details on the battery of a hybrid car is confusing to some. How long do they last? Are they maintenance free? Are they expensive to replace? These are just a few examples that many people have regarding hybrid car batteries.

Hybrid car battery life expectancy has improved within recent years. Manufacturers now provide a eight year battery warranty. It will last for a long time, but will need to be replaced ever. It will be subjected to similar circumstances that regular car batteries end. Owners can expect their battery to last at least one hundred and fifty thousand miles if it is properly taken care of.

Here are two tips that can extend the life of your hybrid car battery:


Your car also creates kinetic energy while coasting. This energy is necessary to full charge the battery. You should learn how to coast to your stops quite often. Putting your automobile in neutral and covering to a full stop without using your brakes too soon will assist in keeping the engine's battery at an optimum level. This will help expand the life of the battery. and help maintain levels that will increase the life of the battery.

Touch The Gas Pedal Lightly

A hybrid car will normally turn off the gasoline engine and use electricity when stopped. Pressing your foot down gently on the gas pedal will enable you to drive with electric power. This technique will cycle the battery and also provide excellent fuel economy .. This technique may take some time to master, but it will pay off in the long run.

The hybrid car battery is known to last up to one hundred fifty thousand miles. This is excellent when you consider that it is subjected to the same harsh circumstances that a conventional battery is exposed to. Following the two tips listed above can help any hybrid owner get the maximum life expectancy out of their battery.