The Formula For Success In Your Nail Salon

Are you making the money you want in your Nail Salon?

Are you getting the clients to your salon easily? And enough of them?

If the answer is yes, I want to congratulate you on the success of your Nail Salon. If the answer is no, then read on. This week I would like to make some suggestions for growth in your Nail Salon.

It may seem like a mystery to you sometimes as to why some salons can easily obtain a full client list. How they are easily earning the money that maybe you are still dreaming about or planning to earn. I would like to take some of the mystery out of the equation for you today and give you the formula for success.

Here it is:

Persistence and Patience

That's it. Sound too simple? It is simple but being simple does not mean it is easy.

This is what the successful people have. You may see Nail Salons that appear to be busy without any effort. I can honestly tell you that this is not true.

Often times we will see successful people, whether in the Nail Industry or not, and think wow, they are lucky! They must have had a better education. They must have been born into a better family. They must be better than me. None of this is true.

When I look back at my career in the Nail Industry I remember how my salons were always full, my staff were always great and it seemed so 'simple' to have a successful salon.

Over the past few years I have been examining HOW I obtained the level of success I achieved and I discovered it really was not as easy as I remember. I did have tough days, many of them, but my love and passion for what I did each day kept me going. When I came up against a problem I found a solution. If I could not find a solution myself I would ask an expert. If they could not help I would ask another. I would seek out the answers I needed and forge my way forward.

Never ever give up.

When you see the so called 'lucky' people who seem to have it all- remember this: They are where they are because they have been persistent, consistent and patient with progress. They have worked through the problems. They have experienced more tough days than you would imagine and they have stayed in the race.

If you are not getting enough clients into your Nail Salon:

  • Find different, more effective ways of marketing to reach your market easily.
  • Examine WHY the clients may not be coming to your salon (this will require total honesty on your part and dropping the ego)
  • Find out what the clients want and give it to them in a better way than the other salons.

If you are not making enough money in your Nail Salon:

  • Discover HOW you can use add on services in your salon to increase hourly earnings.
  • Are you charging what you are worth?
  • Ask yourself WHY your clients will not pay premium prices for YOUR services and amend whatever needs to be amended

If you are exhausted from working very long hours and are neglecting your personal life:

  • Examine your values ​​and get them prioritized
  • Figure out how you can work less and earn the same or more (there are solutions here)
  • Ask yourself WHY you put clients above YOUR well being (perhaps a little bit of self worth and personal development needed in this area)

I think the main thing to remember is that there are answers out there to all of the problems that may appear or stop you from moving forward. The 'road blocks' in life are there for us to grow as a person. If you choose to not take the challenge, there is nothing wrong with that but never complain that the more successful person has had 'more luck' than you.

I encourage you to become persistent and to be a little more patient. It is so worth it when you can get to the other side of the challenges.

To have a successful Nail Salon:

  • have clients that would not go anywhere else
  • have clients that will tell the world about you
  • have an income that covers the bills and gives you a great lifestyle
  • know you are making a difference in peoples lives each and every day
  • love what you do each day with passion and enthusiasm

Knowing that you ARE capable of the success you want and that you CAN work through any challenges is the first thing. Believe in yourself . There are many people who already believe in you because they can see how great you are .

To Your Success

Trish Rock