The Fine Art Of Grooms Speeches


Making a speech on your wedding day is a really big deal. There is a lot of pressure to make sure you cover everything from praising your beautiful bride, to thanking her parents and your guests for being there.

Getting married is one of the biggest steps that anyone can take in their lives. Knowing that you are committing to that one single person, and starting a new life together is a wonderful feeling, but at the same time it can be rather daunting as well. With this in mind, it is clear why a wedding day can be filled with excitement but at the same time a lot of nerves and anxiety.

Added to this anxiety is the thought of making a speech. Every guy that gets married is faced with the task of standing up and making a speech. This is commonly known as the grooms speech.

Grooms speeches can be a little tricky to get right. While it is often the best man’s job to provide the entertainment for the evening by delivering a humorous speech, the groom has to find the perfect balance between keeping his speech light hearted but at the same time deep and caring.

Grooms speeches are a fine art. For me the best way to make sure you deliver a great grooms speech is to make sure you are ready and well prepared for the big day. When I was married and faced with the task of making a speech in front of all my friends and family, the best thing I did was look around for other grooms speeches to get a really good feel of what you are expected to say and cover. This was the single best thing I did when preparing for my speech.

After reading through about twenty different grooms speeches, I was able to then start building up my own speech. I took all the best opening lines and built them into a clever witty opening. I then was able to make sure I had all the right protocol covered and made sure I thanked all the right people for being there and for their help with the wedding.

I was then able to work my own personal thoughts and feelings into the speech, by expressing my feelings towards my wife and sharing a few stories about how we had met and our time together.

I also took some of the best jokes from these other grooms, speeches which was a really great idea because everyone likes a funny speech. No one wants to sit for ten minutes and only hear a serious wedding speech. Making sure you balance your grooms speech with the right amount of comedy is essential.

All in all, my speech went down very well. I knew before I stood up that I had a winning speech, because I had literally picked out the best lines from other grooms speeches and built them into my very own ‘super groom speech’. Talk about a powerful concept.

If you are faced with the arduous task of standing up and making a speech in front of your family, friends and new bride, then I would highly recommend you spend some time going through grooms speeches to make sure you can deliver the best speech possible. In my opinion it is well worth the time, effort and cost to do this because you are essentially building a bullet-proof grooms speech that you know will not fail you on the big day.