The Fear Factor of Having a Small Penis – Men, Don’t Be Afraid

It’s not uncommon for men who have a small penis to let it take control of their lives through fear.

The fear of having a small penis usually becomes apparent in what is called, “Locker Room Syndrome.” It’s typically at this point in a man’s life that he compares his penis size to his classmates and may realize that he is smaller than they are. It also might be a time when he gets laughed at by his peers. Situations like this make a man very self-conscious about his penis size and the fear starts to creep in.

Sometimes the fear is unsubstantiated. There are two types of penises from a flaccid-erective standpoint. One being the Grow-er and the second being the Show-er. The Grow-er penis can be quite tiny and small when it is flaccid, yet gain enormous size when it becomes erect. The Show-er is typically about as big as it gets when flaccid. When the Show-er gets erect, their isn’t much gain in size.

For men that may be Grow-ers, being in the locker room and noticing Show-ers may seem a bit unnerving and make the man feel he is smaller. Keep that in mind if you ever went through the Locker Room Syndrome experience.

With the advent of the Internet more and more people have access to erotica that was not available twenty years ago. A man today may watch erotic films on the Internet and realize that his penis size is much smaller than the men who are acting in these movies. This is something else to not get too worried about. Typically such actors are hired for their large penis size. The “average” penis size of these men is typically much larger than the norm.

If fear has infiltrated a man because of the size of his penis, the most important thing is to try and release that fear and get on with your life. Men and women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall and some are short. Some have dark hair and some have blonde hair. Some women have large breasts and some women have small breasts. Penises are the same way. Some are crooked; some are fat; some are skinny; some are long; and some are short.

It takes all kinds of everything to make the world dynamic and interesting. Truly, it would be boring if all women were born with large breasts. Boring, because they would all seem the same. Many of my friends prefer women with smaller breasts than larger breasts. Everyone has their preferences, of course, but in the end it really is the person (and their personality) that is most important.

I, too, had a small penis at one time and I let it eat away at me. The locker-room syndrome didn’t affect me, but I was with a women who laughed at my size. It was a horrible experience that clouded my social life for a long time. I think back to all of those years that I wasted because I was in fear of what women would say about my penis.

Now that I am older I don’t live in fear any longer, but I was able to enlarge myself, so this kind of helped me get over this phobia. However, I’ve been losing my hair for years and this used to totally freak me out when I was younger. But as I am now older, I don’t even think about hair loss any longer. Surprisingly, many women are attracted to a man who is receding (especially in Europe) as it denotes a man with high levels of testosterone. So, sometimes maturity and time helps us get over our personal hang-ups. Accepting oneself is very important, too. If you can’t accept yourself, no one else will.

If you have a small penis, you have three basic options:

1) Live in abjective-based fear of your penis size and give up on having relationships for fear of being rejected.

2) Get over your size and realize that there is more to a man than the size of his penis. Remember, if a woman won’t go out with you because your penis is small, she’s not worth going out with.

3) Find some mechanism to enlarge the size of your penis. There are plenty of options from Surgery to Herbal Treatments.

For those men interested, we have written a book on penis and sexual enlargement – Iron Man Penis – The Russian System. Good luck to all men in your life and relationships.


Georg von Neumann