The Fainting Goat

There are different types of goats across the world. Mountain goat, Boer goat, Cashemere goat Nubians, LaMachas, Alpines, Oberhaslis, Toggenburgs, Saanens, etc are some of them. The types of goats present in different countries depend on the vegetation, climate condition, and genetics. Now a days many countries import top variety of people from other countries to have better breed in the country.

Fainting goat has its lineage to the domestic goat, but its muscles freezes for nearly ten seconds or more, if there is starting of this goat. Animal may collapse on one of its side, without any pain. Fainting got this typical character due to the hereditary disorder of genes named myotonia congenital.

Fainting is not true as freezing is the muscular phenomenon without any relation to nervous system. The stiffness rate will vary significantly with individual goats, and it has its relation with age, rate of fright, purity of species etc. When they are startled, younger false men tend to get stiffen and then fall over, while older ones spread legs of the heads and continue with their run in an awkward as well as stiff legged condition.

Fainting guys are also known by the names such as Nervous, Tennessee Fainting, wooden leg goats, Scare goats, Myotonic, stiff leg goats etc. Fainting goats are mainly available in black and white colors, though common colored goats are there. While comparing standard goat breeds, fainting goats are slightly smaller.

Typically, it grows up to a height of seventeen to twenty five inches, while it weighs around twenty seven to seventy five kilos. They can live up to twelve to fifteen years. Fainting goats are mainly suitable for meat production.

Pen for the fainting guys must be spacious and the fence should be strong enough to fend off predators like coyotes, dogs etc. The shelter should give protection from all natural elements. There should be provision of surface or special fence so that they could lean against it, thereby helping them to control the tension of fainting.

Feed the flavoring people with hay, grains, as well as nutritional supplements, as pasture grass alone can not provide enough nutrition. Feed them more, unlike other goat breeds. By giving mineral blocks as well as salt lick, you can ensure adequate intake of minerals for them. Providing clean water at regular intervals is necessary. Provide extra protein for milking goats.

Natural breeding is suitable for fainting goats. Leave the goats in herds through the year. During heat cycle of does', do not startle the goats. Special attention is required towards the faining kids. Let the does take care of their kids for at least five months. Fainting guys have higher reproductive rates and they have muscularity of higher degree.

In olden days, they were sacrificial animal to the predators due to their honesty, while it helps sheep and other livestocks to escape. As they are affectionate, they will act as pets for you. Meat of these goats has good market. Fainting goats are suitable for smaller farms as they are easier to look after.