The Fact behind Lap Band Removal

There are several reasons which may result in the removal of a Lap Band which can fall in both the classification of a complication or need/want. In the case of complications one point to remember is that the silicone ring will not last forever and will eventually erode. Although late band erosion is a rare complication should it happen the result would be another procedure in which the Lap-Band will be removed and replaced.

Furthermore, the most common reason for Lap Band removal is because of the need or wants to have it removed. In these cases it is actually determined by a surgeon as to whether the removal will take place. Things that could cause the need or want of removal is for example someone who no longer wants it and is committed to continuing their diets as a means to maintain their weight on their own. It may also be removed in the event that the Lap-Band has failed to assist the patient in their weight loss or even in the event of a pregnancy. Although technically if the patient becomes pregnant the Lap-Band can be adjusted but in some instances this is not possible and therefore complete removal may be necessary.

It is mandatory to speak with your doctor during the consultation to inquire as to what may be needed to be allowed a Lap-Band removal. Also make sure that you completely understand the possible risks and complications associated with the Lap-Band procedure. The procedure should in no way be considered a miracle cure to obesity and just like any other weight loss surgery it is important to be fully committed as there is a chance of regaining all of the lost weight.

There are some mythology out there in which people believe that the Lap-Band is the only reversible weight loss procedure but this is not true. It is possible to reverse a gastric bypass surgery as well. It is also important to note that although the Lap-Band is considered to be minimally invasive and features a smaller chance of death as compared to the gastric bypass procedure, it also has a inferior success rate in comparison.