The Exercise Benefits of All-Important Healthy Living


Millions of people are suffering from illnesses that can easily be prevented through regular and healthy physical exercises. Such sicknesses are coronary heart disease, High blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, overweight, hip fracture, colon cancer, depression and the list continues. Apart from these sicknesses, healthy bones, joints and muscles can be built and maintained and an elderly can be stronger, younger and very active physically and mentally through exercises, and accessing these exercise benefits is very easy and cheap.

There are so many kinds of exercises one can engage in and there are also so many exercise benefits. After going through this article you will ask yourself why so many people are giving little interest in this life building activity.

These are some exercise benefits:

1. Strength and stamina building: It makes you stronger and capable of doing many of your daily activities without much stress and weakness.

2. Reduced risk of heart attack. Exercise benefits include reduction of the cholesterol level. It strengthens the heart muscles and its working capacity. It also improves blood circulation thus reducing the blood pressure and as well, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Self esteem: Through exercise, we lose those stubborn fats and burn out the extra calories; we can realize the very body size and weight we ever desired and we look better, getting the admiration of all around us, yes this can make one to be confident in all he does.

4. Depression: During exercises, our body produces more of the hormone called Endorphins which is a hormone that makes us to feel good, thereby suppressing depression and keeping us in good mood all the time. Exercise benefits us by secreting a good quantity of this hormone.

5. Osteoporosis: This is a disease of the bone. It is a condition where the bones are more porous leading to very brittle and weak bones. Hip fracture is mainly caused by Osteoporosis. Exercise benefits include the reduction of Osteoporosis risk by helping in the building of the bone tissues.

6. Breast cancer. There are two hormones that are linked to breast cancer, namely, progesterone and Estradiol. They are secreted in-between the period of ovulation and menstruation and through exercise, the period between ovulation and menstruation can be reduced thereby reducing the time frame a woman will have to live with this secretion in a cycle. So, exercise benefits include reduction of breast cancer risk.

7. Stress level: A good exercise after the daily troubles faced at home and in our daily activities can bring us back to very good mood and this in effect eliminates the lingering stress and also giving us a guaranteed good sleep.

8. Energy: Having good meals and good exercise creates a hormonal balance in our body which causes the body to be at peak performance level, creating a good ground for muscular strength, weight or fat loss and high energy level.

9. Mental Health: Exercise benefits in keeping a healthy brain. Good exercise increases brain concentration. It makes one to be sharp and focused. Recent researches have proved this. It increases the feedback rate of the nervous system, thereby making us agile and active.

10. Loss of Appetite: In cases of loss of appetite, good exercise benefits in increasing appetite tremendously as a result of increased metabolic and catabolic rates.