The Elements of the Perfect Best Man Speeches

You've got your tux neatly hung in the closet and your shoes all spic and span – you're all ready for the wedding but you feel a thousand butterflies living in your stomach and a family of frogs down your throat. You realized that you just can not go diving into that wedding when you have not composed your best man speech yet. Being appointed to give best man speaks may be the best thing that ever happened to you, but you just can not deny that spurt of nervousness and apprehension that's making you believe that you're going to deliver one of the worst most embarrassing methods ever .

Relax. You're going to do great. With a couple of tips on how to deliver good best man speaks, you'll have everyone doing a standing ovation in no time.

Make Good Use of Stories

Always remember that you are in a position that no one else is in. You have close ties with groom and you can use this to your advantage. Good best man spokes are always personal and hysterically hilarious. Everyone loves a good story. Stories allow the audience to take a sneak peek into the groom's life, reeling them in and keeping them engaged. Use vignettes of the groom's life experiences to season your speech. You may know a hilarious tale of how they met or know of a disastrous date they once had. Delve into the groom's childhood and reveal little tales of hilarity. Inform your audience of the groom's college life or high school years or tell them about his first crush. Do not go too far as to embarrass the groom though, as the goal is not to humiate him but to set a light-hearted tone. Best man speeches should always be told in a manner that is appropriate for all ages, so lay off the green jokes for a while.

Keep it Personal

Best man addresses are a matter of sentiment. You speech should reveal what you feel and what you think about the couple being married. The groom must be one of the most important persons in your life, so tell the audience of how ecstatic you are that he is finally getting married. Perhaps you feel that the couple is a match made in heaven, or lovers unlike no other – reel the audience in to what you feel and you might make them feel the same as well. Always remember to season your speech with a heaping addition of compliments and sentimentality, your goal at this portion is to hear a symphony of "awwws" from the audience. Your speech should reflect the joy and the irrevocable love that is involved in the marriage.

Keep Your Audience at the Edge of Their Seats

If you want to make your speech a disaster, it's very, very easy. Make it dull and boring. Your goal is to engage the audience and keep them at the edge of their seats. Always remember that most people find spikes to be incredibly dragging, so you have to find that edge that could make your speech worthy of listening to. Try bringing your audience to the speech. Make your speech interactive; converse with the audience and the groom by asking them questions. The perfect best man speaks are always dynamic. You can mention other guests and comment about how they are involved in the marriage. When you keep mentioning names, your audience will be waiting for their names to be stated as well, so keep on seasoning your speech with people.

Additional Tips

Another way to turn your speech into a fiasco from hell is by drinking too much. Guests do not enjoy a best man conducting a drunken ramble. You do not want to be stating stories which you do not want to divulge. Hold the alcohol and dive into the juice. Also remember to thank the guests for coming, and the couple for giving you the honor to grace their marriage with your words. Perfect best man speaks are brief, hilarious and personal. If you focus on these three things, you can brace yourself for a radical round of applause.