The Effects of Drinking on Diabetes

There are many changes will need to make in your life if you are diagnosed with diabetes and drinking is a very important one of those changes. There has been much debate where those with diabetes should drink alcohol and for many this is not an easy question to answer.

Type 2 diabetes is where the pancreas makes adequate insulin but your body is able to properly utilize that insulin. The insulin is unable to cross into the cells to do its job and keep your blood sugar stable. Small amounts of alcohol will cause blood sugar to rise in people with diabetes and drinking larger amounts of alcohol can cause a large drop in blood sugar as the pancreas attempts to lower blood sugar and the large amounts of insulin it produced to do the job really hit the cells.

It is the livers job to attempt to rectify this balance. When your blood sugar drops your liver is responsible for converting stored carbohydrates into glucose to rectify your low blood sugar. If you have diabetes and are drinking though the liver will spend its time trying to clear the alcohol from your blood stream and leave your blood sugar to plummet unchecked with the over load of insulin in your system that was released when you first drank the alcohol. Drink too much and it can lead to a very dangerous drop in blood sugar.

Having diabetes and drinking is not all black and white though, if you are at a celebration or dinner and wish to have a small glass of wine it is probably ok, provided that you keep it to once glass. The key is to moderate your alcohol consumption to those few special occasions and to be sure to eat before drinking. The type of alcohol you drink can affect you differently as well since each alcohol has different amounts of sugar in it. Drinking a single glass of wine with dinner is not likely to have much of effect on you, where as a harder alcohol with a higher sugar content is likely to cause problems.

Most doctors recommend abstaining from alcohol completely as being the safest course of action for most people with diabetes, and drinking on a regular basis is strongly discouraged.