The Effective Cure For Chigger Bites

Many people are not aware of what chigger bites are. This is the best time to educate yourself on what this is and find out the effective cure for chigger bites that are available to you.

What are chiggers?

Chiggers are also known as harvest mites and red bugs. These are very minuscule insects that can only be seen through a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Chigger bites cannot really be felt. However, you will start to itch or your skin will start to inflame and redden hours later. They can live on your body and can move around to look for a place to feed.

They usually “eat” the thin outer layer of your skin. A barrier such as the waistband of jeans or your armpit may trigger them to feed.

Chiggers do not really “bite” in the truest sense of the word. They just fasten themselves on your skin and infuse saliva that contains digestive enzymes that can break down the cells of your skin making it easier for them to drink. The enzymes are the ones that cause the itching.

The enzyme irritates the tissues that surround it and it causes welt to form. The longer the chigger stays in our body and feeds, the bigger the welts form and the longer the itchiness persists.

Chiggers can actually continue to attach itself to your skin and feed for many days. However, you can easily get rid of them when you scrub your skin or take a shower. This is the reason why it is better for people who have stayed outdoors in the wild areas to take a shower immediately to prevent chigger attacks.

Chigger bites are not actually a serious condition. However, many people mistake this condition with chicken pox. You can easily distinguish the difference between the two because chigger usually attacks the waist, ankles, neck, and armpits only.

Another misconception that people make is that chiggers tunnel their way deep into our skin. This is actually just a myth. Chiggers do not have the teeth or sting to tunnel their way into our skin. Although they are small, they are still too big to fit in our pores.

What can help chigger bites?

Many people use nail polish as a cure for chigger bites. However, this is not an advisable treatment. Nail polish contains chemicals that can further aggravate chigger bites.

You can apply topical treatments to help relieve the itchiness. Applying Calamine lotions can also help relieve the itchiness caused by chigger bites. Using oatmeal scrub can also help relieve the itchiness.

In worst cases, Doctors can prescribe you with steroid creams or benadryl to help relieve the itchiness and the skin inflammation.

You can also use a natural remedy called Pure-Heal Gel. This is a natural remedy that can help soothe the skin and can help provide skin support.

This product contains herbal ingredients such as Marigold, Tea Tree, Lavender and Gotu Kola. Marigold is an herbal remedy that is known for its powers in maintaining healthy skin tissues.

Tea Tree penetrates the skin deeply and can heal inflammations on a deeper level. Lavender can soothe aggravated skin effectively and can help maintain healthy skin circulation. Gotu Kola is a natural anti-oxidant that can support the health of the skin.

If you are looking for an easier cure for chigger bites, then a product like Pure-Heal Gel is perfect for you. Relieve itchiness right away with this remedy.