The Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

Most of us think of diabetes as a disease caused by eating a lot of sugar. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, diabetes is a grave condition which affects the composition of our blood, the very element of life. Diabetes is the condition where the body’s ability to regulate the amount of glucose in the body is seriously impaired. The basic composition of the blood is highly altered and this affects almost every aspect of our health and life. It cannot be stressed enough that you should look out for the early warning signs of this horrible, life-altering condition. The sooner you recognize diabetes, the sooner you can get it treated, and the easier it will be on all concerned.

One of the early warning signs of diabetes is thirst, frequent and powerful thirst. The body tries to compensate for the altered blood composition by copious drinks of water. Another early warning sign is violent nausea. The stomach-turning nausea is not due to eating anything disagreeable or toxic. Attendant symptoms are a feeling of breathlessness, dizziness, and anxiety.

The abnormal blood composition damages the nerve fibers. This leads to a secondary condition known as neuropathy. Though neuropathy attacks the entire nervous system, the damage to the optic nerves is the first to get noticed. Often, the neuropathic attack damages the retina to such an extent that the patient suffers from lifelong vision problems.

The digestive system is very susceptible to diabetes-induced neuropathy. Flatulence, hyperacidity, diarrhea, and constipation are warning signs of diabetes. The nerves that control the bladder may also suffer functional impairment, leading to frequent urgent urination, with embarrassing consequences at times.

The natural healing that takes place is badly affected. Actually, the blood is the connective tissue which is vital to the healing process and to general health. Certain constituents of the blood generate the fibrin which clots the blood, preventing bleeding from most injuries and wounds. The blood forms a scab over wounds, protecting them from infection. None of this happens when a person has diabetes. A small nick while shaving just won’t stop dripping blood. A small playground injury will remain open for weeks on end, turning red and sore and festering all the while. These are sure-shot signs that diabetes is present.

So what prevents us from waking up to the presence of diabetes early enough? Unfortunately, there are common explanations for all the signs I’ve described. We tend to go for the common explanation to a sign rather then getting all alarmist about it and suspecting diabetes. So when we have the runs, we tend to suspect that especially pungent curry we had a week ago. Vision problems are attributed to staring at the computer monitor. And so on and so forth… The main thing is that diabetes gets itself entrenched and no one suspects a thing!

Do yourself and your family a favor! Do not take any of these signs lightly. At the most, the doctor will prescribe a routine test for diabetes. If it comes out clear, you’ll have the positive satisfaction that yes, you know it isn’t diabetes! On the other hand, if the test does indicate diabetes, then you’ll thank yourself for acting on those early warning signs! Take care; this is really a matter of health!