The Downside Of Male Circumcision – What Do You Lose When You Face The Knife?


The foreskin is a complex organ with a lot of similarities to the eyelid due to its two layer structure. Scientists have now revealed the function and structure of these skin that sheaths the penis after a long and detailed study. The practice of male circumcision has been blown out of proportion. Circumcision is considered to be in vogue and these misconception has received a lot of backing from the medical field. The complete removal of the foreskin ought to be viewed as a male genital mutilation. Many people are yet to realize what they are losing through circumcision. The benefits of circumcision have been trumpeted so much and for many years without giving due consideration to the aftermath of these surgery. Surgery in medical terms is the actual removal of a diseased or unwanted part of the body. But the foreskin is a vital organ just like an appendix is important.

The foreskin is a delicate organ designed to offer protection to the penis head from constant abrasion and possible infection. It forms half of all the penile skin and folds itself around the penis. The inside surface of the foreskin is a complexity of a soft mucosa which releases smegma which is a form of antiviral and antibacterial lubricant. These lubricants go a step further and protect the glans for any form of infection and from constant friction and abrasion. Due to the sheathed nature of the glans in a moist environment, sensitivity is retained in its pure form. When it comes to sex the skin fold called the foreskin glides along the shaft of the penis. The movement provides stimulation and lubrication. During circumcision all these functions and benefits are lost. Beware of male circumcision. It robs a man vital elements from his manhood. Circumcision only serves to deny him his natural rights.

Male circumcision is a health risk as a recent study shows. The journal of the American Medical Association which published the study shows that circumcision actually puts a man at an awkward health situation. Much as male circumcision alleviates the possibilities of HIV and syphilis infection the health risks are still higher. Circumcised men stand a higher chance of infection from herpes, chlamydia and hepatitis. Whoever announced to the world that male circumcision can save a man from disease infection ought to be prosecuted. It is misleading to tell the public that circumcision is a form of immunization. It makes the public to behave in inappropriate manner with the notion that they are safe. Beware of circumcision because it solves a small problem but creates a bigger one.

Circumcised men do not realize what they are losing in terms of sexual pleasure. Male circumcision removes all the erogenous tissue. The foreskin has numerous nerve endings which make sex to be so exciting and pleasurable. The glans peels itself off the top most sensitive skin during the healing process. An uncircumcised man enjoys optimum sexual pleasure with his partner. The foreskin is so erogenous you will regret why you lost it. The gliding of the foreskin along the penile shaft during sex gives a man unprecedented sexual pleasure. It is pleasure that a circumcised man can only dream of hence beware of male circumcision.