The DNA Question


What exactly is the DNA? That is a question that baffles many, even if they believe they have found in a pathway to the construction of body cell. Some call it deoxyribonucleic acid, and refer to it as the building block of cell. But this appears to be half the story.

In my article on the Laws that Govern Creation, I noted that a different type of spirit spark has rained down on the material world like meteoric showers, They are by-products of the “thinking” of primordial beings-spiritual beings whose origin are higher than that of human beings. It is like when wood is burning and sparks are flying out from the flames.

These sparks rain down, but as it rains down towards the physical world each spark covers itself with the material of each plane it passes. By the time it reaches the earth, it is a tiny spark with many coverings, each radiating its own unique color. Hence each has its own radiation, and form atoms. The combination of these atoms to form molecules give specific kind of radiations for that particular molecule.

Hence protein molecules like guanine and others combine in different ways to form the DNA and RNA.

Now here is the interesting part. There are already in existence little elemental forces-call them beings-whose job is to build the body systems and organs. They do not just build, but build to specifications. And the specification comes from the radiation sent out by the sequence of proteins. These sequence is previously ordered by the soul that is inhabiting the body based on certain criteria-karma, present decisions,external or environmental influence, which includes the influence of the stars, etc. Hence the decision for the sequencing comes from the soul but the actual building comes from the little elemental beings.

The elemental beings themselves are not physical, hence they do not have such sequencing which is only relevant in the world of matter. So many things that happen physically do not happen outside the materiality of this earth. For example, sex organs as it is physically found on earth does not exist in the beyond. Hence, there is no sex in the beyond, and those who are fixated on it on earth will only be bound to area that people are having sex to pretend to enjoy it, but they cannot really participate.

Soon, a higher knowledge of medicine will emerge, which will be majorly preventive, and doctors will use the aura to determine a potentially sick person, and a dietary advice and radiation manipulation of the aura color radiation will do the trick.