The DIY Alcoholism Treatment Program

There’s no better place for a bad time than home, and take it from me that treating alcoholism is a real rough ride. Alcohol withdrawals are as severe as was the urge and habit of the patient. Yes patient. A person who has given up being an alcoholic will become as weak and helpless as a hospital-admitted patient.

The very first step is acknowledging the problem and not brushing it aside with an ‘I-don’t-have-any-drinking-problem’ retort. Once you realize and recognize that a problem exists and it must be dealt with, you will feel no shame in your alcoholism treatment at home plan. It’s way better than a rehabilitation center.

Thus when you do it at home in the care of your family you will recover and normalize faster. Very severe drug and alcohol addiction cases have no choice other than to be treated at Rehab Centers. But non-severe cases can be treated in the comfort of your home.

As your body re-adjusts with the missing chemicals that it was so used to, you will get many different ailments. You might vomit after the morning tea, or feel shivers at noon, have high fevers and basically act like a diseased person. These will slowly recede too along with the urge to have a drink.

Having a family member or friends help regulate and monitor your diet, exercise, time-table and activities will make it a lot easier to endure the pain. It is recommended that you also keep your family physician in the loop on the developments. There are certain medicines that help you counter the adverse side-effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Detox with family dinners and outings with the kids. Go out with friends more often than regularly to minimize the withdrawal pains. Take a break or sabbatical from work and along with bidding alcohol goodbye you can also discover more about yourself and your goals. Cook, paint, read, write, watch movies, listen to music, do all this more often than normally and keep your thoughts away from alcohol at all times.

The other benefit of treating alcoholism at home is that you will be free of most of the stresses of work and travel. Stress is the main reason why people choose to become alcoholics. Yoga and other exercises can help detox faster and keep oneself stress-free.

A very humorous line in the movie “28 Days”, about rehab clinics, went thus – go home and grow a plant, if you can keep the plant alive for 4 weeks, then you can start drinking. So if you can follow a new lifestyle and time-table for at least a month then you can be assured that you are somewhat cured. The ultimate cure is hard-wiring it into ones brain to never become an alcoholic again and to never face the problem again.

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