The Disadvantages and Risks Behind Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Devices

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices had gained popularity over the years among men who have problems achieving erection. The truth is that there is much to learn about these devices. Aside from having side effects and causing a great deal of discomfort, these devices do not really improve sexual performance.

Indeed, they can help men achieve erection and orgasm but do they satisfy their partners? Does it improve their sexual relations? The answer to these questions is a simple no. 

Erectile dysfunction vacuum devices cause skin breakdown and bruising around the penis. This causes a major discomfort. Also, these devices are associated with pain. Aside from these side effects, they also affect the appearance and texture of the penis because of large amounts of superficial vein swelling.

This is one of the reasons why most men have second thoughts about vacuum devices. Sexual pleasure does not justify the negative side effects and other disadvantages. 

Another negative thing about erection pumps or vacuum devices is that they interfere with the sexual act. Imagine you and your partner having foreplay. Your partner gets fully aroused and then you reach out to your vacuum device and pump your way towards erection.

An average man usually needs 10-20 minutes to achieve significant hardness with the use of the erection pump. So you can more or less imagine how hard it is to integrate pumping to your sexual relations. You may end up disappointing your partner.

Another thing is that the tightness of the band can result to zero or very minimal ejaculation. Orgasm on the other hand is unaffected but then it makes the whole sexual encounter incomplete. 

Another disadvantage is that erection pumps do not guarantee optimum erection. In fact, the erection may present a hinge at the point of application of the pump’s constriction ring.

This means that the part of the penis beyond the ring is hard while the part behind the ring remains soft making the penis look floppy. These are just some of the major disadvantages of erectile dysfunction vacuum devices. 

There are now many male enhancement products that can replace the use of the dangerous erectile dysfunction vacuum devices that have been clinically evaluated to be safe and effective.