The Different Types of Broken Bones

Bone fractures are among the more common injuries that a person may suffer during his or her lifetime. Although broken bones are something of a fact of life, people do not necessarily know the difference between the different types of fractures. Depending on the location and degree of a fracture, a different kind of break can develop, requiring a different sort of treatment process.

Among the most common types of fractures, there are the complete and incomplete fractures. These fractures, also known as closed or simple breaks, are notable as what most people think of when broken bones are mentioned. Both occur without any appearance of a bone outside the skin. A complete fracture occurs when a person breaks a bone clearly and distinctly. On the other hand, an incomplete fracture happens when a person breaks a bone, but some of the bone is still connected.

Beyond simple fractures, a person can suffer an open or compound fracture if the forces of the injury are so great that the bone actually breaks through the surface of the skin. These fractures can be extremely painful and require a significantly greater deal of treatment to reset the bone and heal the broken skin. In addition to these problems, there may be a large amount of blood lost, as the hematomas associated with this kind of injury can be especially large.

There are also types of broken bones that only occur among children, as their undeveloped skeletal structure does not necessary react to force like an adult skeleton. These include warped bone growth, known as plastic deformation, in which the bone bends, but does not break.

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