The Different Skin Tightening Procedures


A big disadvantage to getting older is seeing your skin lose its youthful and healthy glow. You will likely get lines and wrinkles, and there will be some sagging and excessive skin. However, this can be delayed if you keep healthy habits of taking care of your skin. For treatment, there are several procedures that can be done for skin tightening. In the past, these are always invasive, time-consuming, and leave scars. Nowadays, there are developments that give you a variety of choices for tightening your skin.


Most people make the mistake of choosing anti-wrinkle creams based on what they see on TV infomercials. But it is never too late to switch products. Products made from natural raw materials are the best in skin tightening because they do not contain harmful chemicals that can cause side effects and complications. There are skin whitening natural creams that can help improve aging skin and tighten it. Your cream should moisturize the skin. It should help in the body production of elastin and collagen – the proteins that keep the skin fresh and young. Look for grape seed oil, vitamin E, keratin, and other natural materials that can do these to your skin.

Collagen Injections or BOTOX

Collagen injections are done by adding collagen to the fatty tissue to smooth out wrinkles and lines. But this is not the best treatment since the fatty tissue usually thins with age. The skin appears to be firmer, but double chins and sagging skin are not solved. BOTOX, on the other hand, is gaining popularity in the market. It is now a leading skin tightening procedure in the United States because it’s easy, less time-consuming, and not as expensive as surgery. However, it is somewhat more effective than other treatments. Just be sure that you research on the possible side effects or complications of BOTOX before you go for treatment.


Laser treatment for tightening skin is now a growing trend. The results can be seen immediately after treatment and this is non-invasive. The procedure is done when the laser heats the collagen underneath the skin so that it contracts. A disadvantage of using laser is that multiple treatments may be needed or at least 2. It also does not come cheap. But there are many benefits to the laser procedure. It is not like surgery where you will have scars. It is mostly safe and painless. It takes a little time off your schedule to go for treatment, and the side effects are minuscule.