The Details On Erectile Dysfunction Causes

No man likes to discuss or even consider erectile dysfunction. For men who have been inflicted with this uncomfortable and embarrassing dysfunction it can be embarrassing and extremely hard to talk about even with family and friends. Even with the popular drug Viagra being looked at as a miracle for men who take it, erectile dysfunction is still more of a taboo subject then it should be. However, with more information coming out every day men are not as ashamed as they used to be and often quickly seek help for erectile dysfunction which is a good thing.

There can be many causes for erectile dysfunction, both psychological and medical. Whereas some can be reversed through medical procedures, some can not be. One of these medical conditions that although treatable, may hinder a man's sexual performance is Diabetes. This disease can interfere with the flow of a man's blood through the body which drastically reduces an erection. Kidney disease, alcoholism, high blood pressure, heart conditions, and MS are other diseases that can affect blood flow. Sometimes it is the disease itself that affects blood flow but other times, it could be the medications that they take for these diseases. It could also be some sort of trauma to the penis, bladder, prostate, pelvic area, or the nerves near and around the penis that can start erectile dysfunction.

As for psychological reasons, there are plenty that can cause erectile dysfunction. Whenever someone is depressed, has anxiety, insecurity, or stress it can really affect how they perform in bed. If someone is using alcohol, drugs, or even smoking to combat this stress or anxiety that could also hinder the penis from performing as it should. Alcohol in particular makes it very hard for a man to get erect and even harder for him to orgasm. This can lead to inadequacy that can even further disrupt his sexual desire. It is a vicious cycle that for a lot of men does not seem to end.

While studies are not exactly sure how many men suffer from erectile dysfunction it is most likely a lot more men then they think. Some men are still afraid to speak with anyone about it and can live with the shame for many years before doing anything about it. You have to first acknowledge the problem so that you can be on your way to getting the help you need. Then you need to decide which course of action you need to take to fix the issue. If it is purely psychological then sometimes seeking therapy or counseling can help with the erectile dysfunction, but if it is medically caused then you should see your physician about what you can do to deflect the problem.

Many men turn to using devices such as traction or vacuum devices that can help speed up the blood flow. Still others use medication such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra which have all been medically proven to help sufferers maintain the type of erection that they have been looking for. Finally there are pill systems that are herbal supplements that give a more natural solution. Although not as powerful as the previously mention drugs, they can certainly help in some cases. You do not have to live with Erectile Dysfunction like you did many years ago. There are more than enough solutions to help you through this tough time.