The Deadly Cherry Investigation

I don’t try to make jokes, what I do for a good roll on the floor every now and then is just observe what the government does then report just the facts. Consider the latest debacle or bad joke, you pick, the FDA is attempting to play on the public. The FDA is now saying that good old wholesome cherries that millions of people have eaten for thousands of years is, according to the FDA, a unapproved drug! Yea right, these are also the same people that said eggs were bad for you 20 years ago.

1999 Report Said

According to a substantiated report from “the Journal of Natural Products” in 1999 the facts bore out tart cherries relieves minor pain 33% better than anti-inflammatory drugs as well as aspirin.

This has been known for years for sufferers of gout who consumed up to three pints over a three day period to get rid of the pain. The problem is cherries have lots of carbohydrates so it is easier to take in capsule form while reducing inflammation at a much smaller dose than aspirin.

Cherries is then a Rival of Anti-Inflammatory Meds

In the afore mentioned study 20 cherries when eaten reduced swelling like that of aspirin without the side effects or the depletion of minerals and vitamins in a person’s body.

Growers were bloviating pointing towards research on their websites what cherries can do for you when out of nowhere the FDA sent out twenty nine letters of warning saying they will take legal action if the cherry growers did not take down the science from their own sites.

Does it Sound Like the FDA is Power Mad?

If not power mad then extremely irrational behavior could be gleaned from this agency conduct and when you put power in the mix it becomes very dangerous to the growers who are only trying to make a living. This, of course is not news at all, the FDA has had this power mad personality disorder for the last 20 years.

The Government Accounting Office

The GAO nailed a report almost twenty years ago that said, “GAO found that of the 198 drugs approved between 1976 and 1985…102 (or 51.5%) had serious post-approval risks….the serious post approval risks…included heart failure, myocardial infarction, anaphylaxis, respiratory depression and arrest, seizures, kidney and liver failure, several blood disorders, birth defects and fetal toxicity, and blindness.”

With this abysmal record continuing on well into this century you only need to watch new ads for new drugs that have been approved for the U.S. market by the FDA that have at the very end of the ad state, oh by the way this drug could possibly kill you along with a nice long list of things it might do to your body and brain (Vioxx comes to mind.)

Busy Approving Dangerous Drugs

The FDA has been dueling for years against your right to use healthy organic food and food supplements like vitamins and minerals in your diet while they have been putting their stamp of approval on lethal patent meds that could kill you in a heartbeat!

FDA Science & Mission at Risk

In 2007 a former FDA commissioner Mark McClellan MD stated, “Over the last decade, complex scientific advances, globalization and challenging new safety issues have combined to multiply the responsibilities of the FDA. As this new report makes clear: our expectations cannot exceed the resources we give FDA to accomplish its mission. In this regard, more is definitely better.” There is no mention of hiring competent researchers and scientists that will come to reasonable conclusions on drugs under study.

FDA Reform Needed

Some want additional resources to throw at the agency problem like more cash will always solve what is needed! What is actually needed is reform that is way overdue. The firing of those that approve dangerous lethal patented prescription meds to an unsuspecting public would not only improve the agencies credibility but would set a standard that they themselves would have to live up to. A change is needed soon or more Vioxx type drugs will be put in the hopper for mass consumption that could prove lethal to the FDA’s image and reputation. The health of us all should be the goal here.