The Dawning Of A New Era For Infiniti

Nissan's luxury division is increasing its popularity among buyers of high-end cars. One of the reasons for this is the Infiniti G35 coupe which became an instant hit when it was introduced in the United States auto market. In fact, there are rumors milling around the auto circle that the G35 single-handedly increased the popularity of the Infiniti brand in North America.

Good things must come to an end though … to give way for even better things and experiences. That is why Infiniti will be shelving the G35 in favor of the more advanced G37 coupe. The said car will hit showrooms in the United States by the second half of August. The G37 is dubbed as a fully updated version of the Infiniti G35 and is seen to take the brand name to newer heights.

Infiniti developed the G37 with a new engine, suspension settings, styling, and overall dimensions. These upgrades give the G37 an even better performance. The new coupe's engine has a displacement of 3.7 liter. Valve timing is electronically controlled. Compression is also exceeded over the G35. The G37's predecessor has a compression ration of 10.6: 1 while its compression ratio is 11.0: 1. With the adjustments made to the coupe's powerplant, it is expected to produce as much as 330 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.

The engine of the Infiniti G37 can produce as much as 30 horsepower more than the BMW 335i coupe's engine. This shows how far the Japanese have come in the development of engines for high performance cars.

Transmitting the power from the engine to the car's drive wheels is a matter of option for consumers. The standard transmission offered by Infiniti with the G37 is a five-speed automatic gear box. This transmission is available with shift paddles located behind the steering wheel. Another option is the six-speed manual transmission. The manual gear box is mated with a smooth-operating clutch assembly. This reduces the amount of vibrations and power wasted through the drive train.

Aside from the transmission, the car's suspension configuration for the front is updated. The Infiniti G37's front end is supported by a double-wishbone with a single lower ball joint as opposed to the two ball joints used by the G35 for the front suspension. On the rear, the G37 uses the same multi-link suspension configuration that the G35 employes.

As far as the styling of the new coupe is concerned, the new styling cues used by Infiniti gives the G37 a sleeker appeal. Some of the exterior parts that Infiniti retouched are the grille, headlights, and taillights. A rear spoiler is also integrated to the G37 giving it a race-prepared-car look. This coupe is not one that you would cover with Nissan car covers – instead, any proud owner will certainly flaunt this wonderful engineering masterpiece anywhere and any time. For those who love the Infiniti G35, the G37 will certainly be a treat.