The Dangers of Gastritis

For the uninitiated, Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach that is similar in many ways to a mild ulcer. While sometimes caused by alcohol and aspirin, it can also be caused by high levels of stress and from bacteria present in the system. In terms of pains, the illness is related to a highly acidic stomach so you will experience strong stomach pains, located on the left side of your belly typically. These pains can be reduced by eating, making for a twist compared to most stomach disorders which are worsened by eating.

However, a big warning for people suffering from Gastritis is that the things that often will help with upset stomachs can make the pains from Gastritis even worse. As such, you need to be very careful in treating yourself as you will often be walking the fine line between making yourself feel better, and experiencing intense pains.

The best way to avoid exacerbating the pains are by avoiding acidic items. For instance, when sick, you need vitamin c. However, do not dink orange juice with gastritis as its citric contents could make your stomach feel even worse. Likewise, while soda is great for an upset stomach, helping you get out the gas, it is awful for Gastritis. With this disease, the acidity of the soda will make you experience even worse pains.

And worst of all, as I found out the hard way, is Aspirin. I had a terrible headache while suffering from Gastritis and after taking an Aspirin without thinking, I immediately felt my stomach explode. It felt like my stomach was boiling as the medicine wrecked havoc on my vulnerable stomach.

In the end, it is important to differentiate between Gastritis and an upset stomach. The treatment for the two issues are very different, and trying to treat one with the other can be very painful. In the end, your best solution is to just see a doctor and let them help you out.