The Danger of Smoking – What Are the Dangers of Smoking Tobacco?

The danger of smoking tobacco is substantial and it becomes difficult to name every single ill effect. All cigarette packs are available with statutory warnings. These detail possible bad effects and dangers of smoking. 

The most important dangers associated with smoking tobacco are:


Cancer is a fatal disease and tobacco is a major cause for cancers of different types like those of lung, stomach, pancreas, of the oral cavity, esophagus, and others. Tobacco contains many carcinogenic substances. These are responsible for such cancers.

Heart Ailments

Tobacco contains nicotine. This causes narrowing of blood vessels leading to blockages. Your heart is unable to pump blood. This causes heart attack. Smokers are highly vulnerable to heart attacks than nonsmokers. Cardiovascular diseases develop due to accumulation of plaque in inner lining of blood vessels like coronary arteries.

Major Diseases

Tobacco addiction causes other fatal diseases like strokes, atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, and ailments of the kidney and lungs. Your overall body immunity levels fall and you are not able to fight away infections and diseases before they set in. Bronchitis infections are paramount in smokers as tobacco damages the lungs. Your body is unable to get sufficient supply of oxygen. If you smoke more than twenty cigarettes a day, risk of tuberculosis is very high.

Other Effects

Inhaling tobacco for a long time has many far-reaching effects. You develop stains on your fingers and teeth. These are permanent stains and they do not go away. Your clothes also develop stains and the environment you live in smells of cigarette smoke. You cause people around you to turn into passive smokers. Passive smoking is harmful to health of children.

The danger of smoking manifests itself in so many different ways. You can combat these dangers of smoking only by quitting smoking. You have so many options to quit smoking but you need to know that you only have a 5% chance of quitting smoking if you try to quit “cold turkey.”