The Danger of Being Overweight Long Term

So many people think they're not too bad 'when it comes to being slightly overweight. 'Cuddly' is the usual term applied to being a few pounds over the ideal weight, and 'rounded' is another favorite.

In fact, as little as twenty to thirty pounds over the recommended BMI (Body Mass Index) level can be dangerous and it is a fact that people carrying as much as twenty to thirty pounds in excess weight rarely manage to stay at that level consistently. The weight therefore 'see-saws', with fad diets trimming the weight only to have it reappear a matter of weeks later as a result of not taking any exercise and not adhering to a sensible eating plan.

'But I hate the gym' is the usual complaint for people who habitually fail to stay at a healthy fitness level. The point is, you do not have to pound heavy stuff in the gym for hours every day to achieve result: a better and more successful routine requires only a few minutes of your time each day and combined with a sensible eating regime can get you fit and healthy in an amazingly short space of time.

Long term obesity brings with it some awful consequences, not the least of which are heart diseases; stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure with all of its related illnesses. The less serious side effects of being overweight are none the less unpleasing: chafing; rashes; cramps; respiratory difficulties; joint stiffness; spinal pain. And the more overweight you become, the less capable you are of movement, rendering you more susceptible to pile on more weight. It's a pretty ghastly indictment for anyone.

The good news is that it can be fixed and without killing yourself in the gym or running tenms every day strapped to a pulse monitor! A few minutes of properly targeted, intensive interval based exercise combined with a good eating plan will restore proper weight levels and keep you healthy and happy long term.

People who retain a healthy weight often eat more than others, rather than less. The point is that if you are building muscle instead of fat, you can afford to eat a little more and surely there is no need to imagine you will never be able to indulge in the odd hamburger. The right foods as a matter of routine produce the best results and with a few minutes of the right exercise each day your fitness levels can soar, making you look great and feel great.