The Cure For Insomnia

A Cure For Insomnia Is An Age Old Dilemma

Since there has been men and night, there have been some men who cannot sleep. The problem with that is that sleep brings renewal and energy. A lack of sleep is a death sentence of sorts.

But Never So Much As Today

If insomnia plagued the caveman and the medieval man, it is no wonder it beleaguers us. The pace of life has been amplified to an extreme and the pressures are unparalleled. But an overarching problem today eclipses those things. It is, in a word, electricity. The same force that holds such promise for healing in one hand, holds the power to destroy us in the other.

It Isn’t Wise To Shout Down Mother Nature

Electromagnetic pollution threatens to drown Mother Nature’s natural rhythms. These are frequencies that have governed our lives since the beginning. The cycles of the sun, of the moon, of sleep and sanity ride in these cadences.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

An obvious solution is to limit our exposure to this toxic overload. But, in our modern world, this can only go so far. We can move the clock radio by our bed and don our blue tooth device, but we can’t escape the wires in the walls, in our cars, on our roads.

Please! Give Us Ears To Hear!

And so, insomnia trails us like pestilence. We chase supplements and ear plugs in vain. The cure for insomnia eludes us. Has sleep, precious sleep, departed forever? Yes, diet and exercise can help, but they can’t take the place of what we can no longer hear: Mother Nature’s rhythm. If only we could amplify that healing wavelength.

In Tune With The Night

The good news is that we can. By generating frequencies natural to the earth in our bedrooms, we can neutralize the toxic noise that keeps us from deep, blessed sleep. Our minds sync with these healing tempos that draw us to the fountain of youth. There, our cells can satiate their thirst for energy and regeneration.

Come To The Vigor Of Morning

Some still seek the cure for insomnia but we don’t have to anymore. The very source of our problem is its cure: electricity. It will renew us if we will give it the chance.