The Cure For Cold Sores

There are many people that suffer from cold sores. Although they are generally painless, the embarrassment of having such a mark on such a noticeable part of your body is very real. That, plus the notion that such things are really unclean. Of course having a cold sore does make you contagious but only if you have mouth contact with the person or if you share a straw or something like that.

The cold sores are not really a disease at all. They are the outward sign that you are carrying the herpes simplex virus. When it is not in its dormant state it can cause the cold sores that you see on your face, generally in the area of your lips. It is noteworthy to mention that some have estimated that a very large percentage of the population are carrying the herpes simplex virus, but for most of them the virus remains dormant throughout their lifetimes.

The bad news is that the herpes virus does not have a medical cure. There are, however some natural cures that some have claimed have helped them. One of the things that has shortened the life span and in some cases caused the cold sores not to come out in the first place is the amino acid Lysine. When applied topically it has been shown to not only shorten the length of time that the cold sore is present, but also has helped to keep it from coming out in the first place. When you combine the use of Lysine with some other natural healing methods it can really improve your chances of never having another cold sore again.