The Countdown – 5 Disadvantages of Obesity That Would Inevitably Affect the Obese

Obesity is a big problem affecting several million people all over the world and in countries such as the US it is steadily increasing. It is an epidemic and one that must be contained before the lives of the many people affected take drastic turns. There are numerous disadvantages of obesity ranging from serious to very scary. Most of the disadvantages of obesity would fall somewhere in one of the 5 points listed below which could have been called the 5 disadvantages of obesity.

5) Goals are harder or impossible to accomplish:

Obese people depending on what they desire, have a much tougher time when it comes to achieving success. Obesity plays a big enough factor to underline or stagnate progress as a whole. Let's say for example that an obese guy named Mr. X wants to pursue a career in a sport such as football (soccer). Mr. X wants some action on the field to play a part in a team and try to win some games. Without his skills are far superior to the other normal weight players on that team or rival teams and has the speed to match, chances are that dream will never become a reality since its mandated that you are in a fit state. Many sports, whether the games are casual or competitive will not take him or anyone obese for that matter. His only hope is to either slim down or find a group that caters to the obese.

4) Social Problems:

One of the major disadvantages of obesity is that the obese are generally looked down upon, made fun of or scorned by many in society. They're usually the subject of "fat jokes" from those who seem to forget that they are human beings and human beings have feelings. Relationships can be pretty shaky for an obese person who's partner does not really find them desirable anymore and wants out.

3) Sexual Issues:

Many studies have shown there is a relationship to obesity and sexual ineptitude. It's common for obese individuals of both sexes to suffer from lack of sexual enjoyment, performance or desire. If the individual never cared for sex to begin with, this will not be one of the disadvantages of obesity for them.

2) The Feeling of Depression:

The obese will either show depression outright, show a hint of it or conceal it. At this point they are very aware of the many disadvantages of obesity plaguing them. They know how they look, they know the prejudice they have to end, they know there are serious medical conditions associated with their weight, they know they can not accomplish certain goals or have a higher hurdle to jump to do so. It's very frustrating and stressful for them.

1) Health Deterioration:

The health hazards linked to obesity are innumerable and the more obese you are the harsher they are. These obesity related health hazards include Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Pregnancy Issues, Breathing Issues, Sleeping Issues, Heart Problems, Stroke risks, Abnormal Cholesterol Levels, Movement Problems not to mention the risk of contracting several types of cancer. The serious nature of those issues makes health deterioration one of the main disadvantages of obesity.