The Correlation Between Oral and Overall Health


It’s often hard to avoid tantalizing your sweet tooth and while you may be concerned about your waistline your dentist is concerned about your smile and not because of cavities. The amount is said to reveal a lot about a person, the overall health and nutrition and several other details you couldn’t even imagine.

Bleeding gums are a sign of periodontal disease and according to recent studies three out of four Americans have it, many don’t even know it, yet if left unchecked gum disease can lead to chronic conditions in the rest of the body. Periodontal bacteria has been linked to the hardening of the arteries so if you have gum problems you had a higher risk of heart disease.

Oral bacteria can also make it harder on diabetics to control their blood sugar levels and pregnant women who have gum disease are more likely to give birth early or have underweight babies.

The good news is that periodontal disease is easily prevented, just brush your teeth at least twice a day properly for a full two minutes and don’t forget flossing which should be done at least once a day, five days a week. Make sure you learn how to floss properly as many of the dentists said that when they asked their patients about how they floss their teeth the method is usually wrong, if you want to do it properly you should just get the floss in and out you should wrap around the tooth and that you go up and down a couple times in order to give a scrubbing motion and then you wrap around the backside of the next one.

Make sure you change your toothbrush often (every two to three months) and whatever you do don’t share it with others because periodontal disease can be spread on contact and that is definitely a kiss you do not want to steal — so to speak.

As you see the condition of your dental structure can affect more areas of your body that you previously imagined. Periodontal diseases have also been linked to severe conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and other diseases related to the circulatory system so the better care you give to your gums and teeth the lower your chances are of suffering from a serious condition at as most of the people think may not have anything to do with oral health.