The Connection Between Vegetables, Nutrition and Being Happy – Stop Depression and Start Living


There are many ways to deal with depression. We might be working out daily with a professional private instructor. We might be regularly examined by our doctor, and take all our vitamins. We might keep a regular sleeping schedule, and get eight hours of sleep every night. But the truth is that the right nutrition, or actually vegetables based nutrition to be more precise, will solve the problem most of the times. More then that, without the proper nutrition, we simply cannot enjoy the benefits derived from all of the above.

There are many mechanisms in the body that are in charge of keeping us smiling. While modern medicine is all about trying to isolate and differentiate a certain criteria and dealing with it, our body is simply not that simple. The human organism is a super-complex machine, and it has all the answers within. The knowledge of being depressed is there, just like the knowledge on how to be happy.

Nutrition for treating depression – Know the basics:

By eating the following foods, and avoiding some others i will introduce later on, we will create the ideal ground for nourishing a stable environment for the brain, and thus for the mind.

Eat greens. Greens, among other things, encourage the movement of energy in the body. It helps in cleaning the liver and building blood (depression is often a side effect of blood deficiency!). You can eat plain green leafs, mixed in smoothies, or tossed in a salad. Do not fry them or over cook them. Raw is the best way to eat them, and if raw broccoli is too much for you, steam it gently for a short period.

Eat nuts and seeds, but but avoid overeating them. There are many essential fatty-acids in those foods, and other crucial elements for the nerve-system. Having a healthy strong nerve-system is a must if we are to keep a stable mindset. Overeating nuts and seeds might create a different effect, as it is hard too digest them, and it might stress the digestive system. Eat a few of the same kind at a time, and two different kinds throughout the day.

Eat sesame seeds. Add them to a salad, or mix them with your cooked vegetables. Nutrition is complex, and those tasty little seeds have a lot of nutrients in them. Eating tahini, which is made out of sesame seeds, will not do the job. We need to eat the raw seed. It is best not to grind it, but if you choose to, it is recommended to eat within ten minutes of grinding.

Eat different types of lentils. They carry great nutritional value, and some contain super-high levels of a special material that is used to create the “happy-hormone” – serotonin. The best source for that material, which is called 5-HTP, is the Griffonia simplicifolia, and there are supplements made from that plant available in the markets, if needed.

Make sure you eat a variety of vegetables. make sure that throughout the day you have vegetables from all colors.

As for avoiding specific foods, it is best to lower the consumption of meat and dairy products. It is also highly recommended to avoid sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. I am not trying to preach against these few, but the fact is that our liver has a very hard time synthesizing the materials we need to keep happy when it is dealing with poisons. The direct threat gets the attention of the body, and things such as our serotonin levels move down the line and wait their turn.

These are the basics we need to know, and enough to get us started on our way away from depression. Keeping these basic rules for only a couple of weeks will usually make a difference for anyone feeling depressed. While not 100% solving the chronic disease, it will help us through the first steps of healing.

Remember, always keep a healthy well balanced diet with a lot of vegetables. Nutrition should be at first priority, as it stands in the foundation of happiness. Another great benefit of nutrition based healing is that it gives the mental benefit of knowing you set a goal of eating this and that, and making that goal!

Be well and keep smiling! just by reading this you are half way there.