The connection between alcohol and yeast infection

Candida sufferers can definitely benefit from the knowledge that alcoholic beverages won’t do you any favors in terms of fighting or preventing yeast infections. Alcohol like wine and beer contain vast amounts of yeast and sugar and following a yeast free diet can help with your yeast infection problems.

Refraining from consuming beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages can definitely help you in your quest to eradicate your body of pesky candida albicans. While this bacteria might be present in your body anyway, feeding yourself certain foods can help the bacteria grow and reproduce at astronomical levels. Because this bacterium feasts and thrives on sugar and other yeasts, consuming beer, wine and spirits is definitely a big no-no.

Don’t feed candida bacteria what they want.

While some people look to prescription medications for a candida cure, more people than ever are realizing that closely monitoring how your body reacts to various foods and beverages is one of the top ways to battle this problem. Yeast infections are very common in women and even in men and because of today’s diet and lifestyle, more people than ever deal with chronic yeast infections that cause many problems above and beyond vaginal discharge and rashes. Many other symptoms continuously present themselves in people that represent excessive yeast accumulation in their bodies.

Bread, beer, wine, mushrooms, refined sugars and other foods that contain yeast or fungus can be enjoyed by people who aren’t susceptible to yeast infections but if you’re suffering from candida or are very prone to candida, you could find that refraining is going to help you overcome this problem and minimize your risk of getting it on a regular basis and therefore reducing the need for prescription medication that only temporarily solves this repetitive problem.

If you take proactive measures to control yeast levels in your body by taking probiotics and generally following a candida diet, you could partake in the occasional beverage of the alcoholic variety but when you’re trying to control an ongoing problem it may be necessary to look at your diet carefully and closely and only add restricted foods and drinks one at a time back into your diet in order to see how much of a yeast producing culprit they are for you.