The Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart attack symptoms have put people in doubt as they keep asking, “Does heart disease have symptoms and people keep dying suddenly of without notice?”

Millions of people die yearly as a result of heart attack but its sudden onset and poor post-mortem analysis have left most people guessing and sometimes concluding ignorantly on the possible cause of heart disease that leads to sudden death.

American Heart Association gives heart breaking report on America and heart disease. The report reveals that every 20 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack. Fortunately, due to tremendous medical advances in the past decades, heart diseases are decreasingly fatal.

Just like any other disease, heart attacks have symptoms through which it could be recognized. The classical symptoms of heart attacks are:

1) Crushing chest pain which may extend to the shoulder, to the jaw, or down the arm.

2) Shortness of breath

3) Sweating

4) Nausea and or vomiting

5) Dizziness

6) Rapid or irregular Heartbeat

7) Weakness

Heart attack symptoms as indicated above are often brought on by physical exertion or sudden emotional stress.

Another significant finding in heart disease is that the frequency of its occurrence increases at particular time of the day. This is due to the release of the body’s own adrenaline during this time.

Heart attack symptoms that are important to noteworthy of are chest pain and shortness of breath. Chest pain most especially remains the most important presenting heart disease symptom, it is however important to state that not all chest pains are heart diseases. No! There are numerous conditions, unrelated to the heart that could give rise to chest pain. These are: Anxiety, pneumonia, pleurisy, peptic ulcers, infection, heartburn, gall bladder, indigestion etc.