The Common Causes for Food Poisoning

People suffer from food poisoning when they consume contaminated food or water. It is believed that in US only, nearly 75 million of such cases are reported every year. Though there are strict laws to prevent this ailment, the number of casualties is rising. This is because most people are not even aware of the common causes for it.

There are several common causes because of which this ailment occurs. As a result, people suffer a lot for few hours to days. Sometimes, many succumb to this ailment due to negligence or lack of treatment. I have listed down some common causes for this ailment. They are:

1. Food or water containing bacteria, viruses or parasites
2. Polluted food products
3. Dairy products which are not pasteurized
4. Fruits and vegetables containing pesticides
5. Exposure of prepared foods for a long time to the open atmosphere and temperature
6. Foods containing toxic elements such as poisonous mushrooms
7. Contamination of eatable items by animals while preparing or packing or harvesting
8. Preparing foods in an unhygienic place
9. Eatable items coming into contact with wounds or infections of food makers
10. Storing food items in refrigerator without proper methods such as putting raw meat without a proper covering
11. Consuming meats, seafood or poultry products which are undercooked
12. Someone mixing toxins in the food items purposely

These are some common causes for food poisoning. Usually, a person may show these following symptoms like upset stomach, dizziness, rapid heart rate, weakness, numbness, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and fever lasting more than a day. That person may die if any of these symptoms reaches complicated stage.