The Challenge Of Maintaining Your Cholesterol Levels

For many of you who have done the work to get your high cholesterol down to a manageable level you are to be commended. You followed the instructions of your health care professional to the letter and have taken everything that they prescribed. You changed your lifestyle to conform to the recommended diet and exercise regimen and you got your cholesterol down to a safe level and now you are ready to start your maintenance program. This is where the real challenge begins.

It is so easy to fall into the patterns which lead you to having high cholesterol. Having normal cholesterol levels means that you have to work harder to keep your cholesterol down to a safe level, otherwise you can be back where you started. What is a safe level? A desirable level that puts you at a lower risk for coronary heart disease is 200 mg / dL or below. What you should continue to do is maintain a healthy diet by eliminating the bad fats and replacing them with the good fats in the foods you eat. You should also continue to get in your daily exercise, whatever that may be. But what you do not want to do is go out and have that greasing cheeseburger you've been lingering for while you were working to get your cholesterol down. Ok, maybe just one to get it out of your system so to speak. But whatever you do remain diligent in maintaining the diet and exercise routine that helped you get your cholesterol levels down.

What else can you do? Now that your cholesterol levels are safe does that mean you have to continue with prescription medications? For those of you who were told that your condition is hereditary most health care professionals will recommend that you continue with medicines probably at a lower dosage for maintenance purposes. But consider other alternatives; antioxidants can also be used to keep your cholesterol levels down. There are powerful antioxidants available to help keep your levels down without living with the side effects of prescription medications. Certain natural antioxidant formulas have shown to promote cardiovascular health, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and also support normal blood vessel dilation; These are all components of a healthy heart. Antioxidants can also flush out the chemical build up in your body after months of taking prescription medications and antioxidants can be a powerful defense against free radicals which causes cellular decay in your body. But before making the move towards natural antioxidants you should consult with your health care professional because if you are still taking prescription medications you can run the risk of having a negative reaction. The move to natural alternatives should be a graduate one otherwise it could be harmful.

Maintaining your cholesterol levels is a daily challenge, and if you have gone through the process to lowering your cholesterol levels by traditional means (prescriptions medicines) then you know what takes to live up to that challenge. Your next challenge is to make the decision to break free of prescription medications and to begin living a much healthier lifestyle. You've done the work now take the next step, have that conversation with health care professional to find out what is the best alternative for you and remember it is your life and it is your decision.