The Causes Of Emotional Stress And How Best To Avoid Becoming A Victim

In these days of ultra modern materialistic jet set era, where ambitions are sky high, dreams are unlimited and needs are countless but achievements are so few and far between. Is it any wonder then that almost every human being can suffer from some form of stress at some point in their life? Irrespective of the type of stress to begin with, the dangers are that it can eventually lead to the more serious and dangerous type, which is emotional stress.

As we are all well aware, emotion is generated from the heart, so during the state of emotional stress, the heart is the most affected organ, causing the heart to become prey to the biggest demon of our times and that is a heart attack. There are so many factors that can cause emotional stress, unsuccessful careers, disturbed married life, financial hazards, rebellious children, bereavement, to name just a few.

So let us a elaborate a little more on these causes and shed some more light on how one can become a victim of emotional stress. Let’s say for example that a person is hoping for big achievements in their career, perhaps without having the required capabilities, so naturally the outcome is going to be repeated disappointments and this will eventually lead to stress at work, which will ultimately end up in emotional stress. This can be avoided quite simply by assessing our capabilities and by avoiding to indulge in dreams and hopes, which are beyond our skill levels.

Emotional stress is very often also linked to emotionally biased people. You may love your life partner with profound intensity which is not being reciprocated lately. Then one day you find out that they are seeing someone else behind your back. Now the problem with this is that you love them so immensly that you dare not expose them for the fear of losing them but at the same time you can not bear the anger of their betrayal. Under such circumstances, the emotional stress will be become unbearable and something will have to give sooner or later. Such stress can also be caused by losing a dear one or partner and being unable to cope with the bereavement.

As parents we often set goals for our children without taking our kids capabilities into consideration and when the kids fail to achieve these goals, this can then lead to emotional stress, both for the kids and parents. How many times have we heard or read the news about teenagers harming themselves, especially at exam times. This is always the result of setting goals which are beyond our means.

Financial crisis and unmanageable debts are a reality of modern day living. Repeated reminders from creditors to a financially broke defaulter, giving warnings of dire consequences is reason enough to give anyone sleepless nights. Is it any wonder then that such hazardous financial situations can lead to emotional stress and when we overload our system with such unnatural pressure, we are sure to suffer serious health problems?

So the foregone conclusion is that life is not a bed of roses but irrespective of the magnitude of your problems, there is a solution. All you need is a positive and rational approach to life. If today does not remain today for more than 24 hours then how can problems remain forever. All you need is patience and boldness to eliminate them. In case of difficulties there are health professionals and counselors to help you out. So do not grin and bear the emotional stress but fight it with a smile and you are sure to eliminate it very easily.