The Causes Of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer, is the growth of malignant cells or cancer cells in the breast. Breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring for women today. There are rare issues occurring for men of having a breast cancer. Now, breast tumor is not as mush as life threatening but there is such a high risk that cancer cells will develop and spreads throughout other parts of the organs via lymph nodes and bloodstream. Statistic shows that 90% of breast cancer cases, affects only one side of the breast, although those who have cancer in one side of the breast has a high risk in developing cancer cells in the other side. In all cases, early detection and treatment is a must.

Breast Cancer Causes

There is no exact cause of the ailment and is more likely unknown, but there are some factors that will correlate in higher incidence of breast cancer as follows:

  1. Age. Breast cancer increases as the age reaches 50 and above.
  2. Hereditary / Family history. Exactly 10% of women with breast cancer have a positive family history. Women in the family and relatives that has background of having breast cancer may have inherited one of two breast cancer genes from her diagnosed relative.
  3. Women having children late in life or not at all. Women that have their first child in the age of 30’s or have never breastfed may be subject to susceptible breast cancer.
  4. Early onset of menstruation that is before the age of eleven.
  5. Late menopause.
  6. Nonmalignant cyst and tumors in the breast.
  7. A diet that is high on animal fat.
  8. Moderate or severe alcoholic intake greater than 3 drinks a day.
  9. The use of hormone replacement therapy with combination of estrogen and progestin with greater than 5 years.
  10. Long-term nocturnal light exposures, such as work shifting.

One of the most effective natural and alternative breast cancer treatment is the self-administered oxygen therapy on which almost of the European doctors recommend. Further studies confirm that microbes, harmful bacteria’s and viruses such as breast cancer, heart diseases and even aids, do not cause the disease by themselves. But when there is oxygen depletion in the body this said ailments spreads through out the natural habitat of the human body. When oxygen depletion occurs our body becomes acidic, which makes our own immune system weak and can be easily be taken down by all kinds of viruses and reproducing more harmful bacteria’s respectively. Doctor’s conclude and recommend the first line of defense is to make our system highly oxygenated. Explore and study more of this effective therapy.

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