The Causes And Solutions To Crohn’s And Colitis


The purpose of this short article is to empower  people who suffer from crohn’s and colitis, collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD,  to take control of their own health and to provide them with the information to move back towards health.

IBD is supposed to be an incurable disease. This is something i found to be true when trying to treat it with drugs. However, when i abandoned this method and decided to treat myself using only natural methods – over a period of many years of trying and testing – I found the opposite to be true.

So without further ado let me share with you what i have found to be the causes to IBD.

They are:

  • Poor diet
  • Chemical toxicity
  • Bacterial dysbiosis
  • Faulty digestion
  • Imbalanced nervous system

These causes act on your body in a simultaneous fashion and result with Circulating Immune Complexes (CIC’s) in your  blood.  CIC’s are made up of a foriegn invader and an antigen which are processed and removed from your  body by your liver.

But when your immune system is overwhelmed, the CIC’s will lodge wherever you have a genetic weakness, in the case of IBD this will be somewhere along your digestive tract.

Then inflammation – which is a late stage indicator of an overwhelmed immune system – moves straight into the sight where the CIC’s are lodged and the result is IBD. All autoimmune diseases come about in the same way and for healing to take place the CIC’s must be removed.

The answer to this is not to take immune suppressant drugs – that is like sweeping the dirt under the carpet – but to rebuild you broken down immune system.

But let me tell you now that you are not in a hopeless position because i have been there and that is how i felt.

To remove this pain and suffering from your life you must take away inflammation at the cause and this can be achieved by taking away the causes by taking different actions in your everyday life and giving your immune system the support it needs for rebuilding to take place.

Then a different result will occur. You didn’t one day wake up and have IBD. The end result was caused by a the actions you have taken over an extended period of time, probably many years and maybe all of your life.

So to achieve a different result you must only change your everyday actions for an extended period of time. But when you put these new actions into place it will not take anywhere near as long to recover as it did to reach your diseased state because the body is a great healer when the correct actions are taken.

I can’t tell you how long it will take you to recover as everyone is different but when you have multiple actions in place which cause good health and are all acting on your body simultaneosly your recovery will be more rapid than the decline.

So let me now share with you the actions which you need to put in place which will cause the rebuilding process.

They are:

  • Customised nutrition
  • Balance of your nervous system
  • Support your digestion
  • Elimenate allergies and sensitivities
  • Correct supplementation
  • Detoxify your body
  • Help the good guys – meaning the good bacteria housed in your gut

When these actions (read causes) are in place the only result which can happen is an elimination of symptoms and return to good health.

So there you have it – the cause and solutions to crohn’s and colitis. You now know that to make a complete and total recovery from IBD you only have to change the model and the actions.

But knowing what the causes and actions are will not make you eliminate your symptoms and recover  your health. Taking action on them will. You must take action.

Although this is only a short article I hope you have found it helpful and informative.