The Biggest Cause of Snoring – Obesity

Obesity and just being overweight is the cause or the worsening of nearly every disease or health condition.

The biggest cause for snoring, and snoring is a symptom of many health conditions, is obesity. There are other causes, smoking, drinking, sleep medications and others, but without doubt being overweight is the biggest cause.

As the body becomes overweight, fat deposits develop in various areas of the body, and the neck is no exception. Excess fatty, flabby tissue within the nasal cavities offers such an obstruction. The condition is even worse when the obese person lies on their back to sleep as the front of the neck is a prime site for the accumulation of excess fat and fluid and the weight of this squashes the airways.

Snoring then occurs when air struggles to force its way through the airway obstructed by the excess fat and flabby tissue.

While many people think of snoring as an inconvenience or a little noisey, it is can be more serious. Snoring is your body's way of crying out for the air that it needs to perform basic functions. The actual snoring sound is your body trying to force air through the obstructions, if the undering cause is obesity, then the direct cause is the flabby tissue and weakend muscles in the neck, that are stopping you from breathing properly. Snoring can also cause sore throats and headaches, and a feeling of dry mouth in the morning.

Also many studies have been related regarding "spousal arousal syndrome", the name given to the problem of a snoring spouse waking up their partner. Spousal arousal syndrome can account for up to 1 hour of sleep lost per night for the non-snorer. If obesity is the cause of your snoring issue, it should be clear to you now that snoring is no simple matter. A proper diet and exercise can purge all these problems and consequences from your life and the lives of those you love.

In addition, "regular" snoring can precursor to sleep apnea, a very serious sleep disorder. Sleep apnoea is a temporary stoppage of breathing due to airway blockage like snoring, except more serious. Sleep apnoea sufferers may wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air. This affects the person's sleep patterns, causing them to be tired, irritable, have heads upon waking, have a dry mouth and throat and unable to concentrate during the daytime.

Do what you need to do to stop the problem of snoring.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop many snoring problems associated with obesity – weight loss and exercise.

If you are overweight, you need to cut your daily intake of calories and work hard on a diet that will help you lose you that extra weight. A man needs only to be twenty percent overweight to have a nightly snoring problem. Lose the weight and you'll likely lose the snore.

Another solution to help lower the nightly frequency is not to have a big meal or one that is too rich or faty later in the evening. But, be careful when making any dietary changes. Ensure that not only are you eliminating snoring triggers but that you are still eating healthy and having lots of fruits and vegetables.

Also ertain foods are also known to increase your chances of snoring while other foods have reputations for helping lessening the noise of your snoring. Many find that dairy products, ie milk, yohgurt, ice cream etc., are one of the foods that cause increases in their snoring. A milk alternative is soy or rice milk.

"Watch what you eat"!