The Big Secret to Overcoming Public Speaking Panic Attacks Easily

Most people who have never done public speaking are deathly afraid of it. If someone close to them died, they would rather change places with the corpse in the casket than give a talk in front of the crowd at a funeral. The fear is so strong that if they are talking into a microphone, with just one person listening, the thought that millions of people may hear the recording later sends chills down their spine and makes them uncomfortable. The fear of public speaking is in itself a kind of phobia, which is closely related to feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. The reason for this is simple, high levels of anxiety is what triggers panic attacks to occur.

For some people even a meeting at the office is too much to bear. And having to face group people at their annual assessment turns out to be a killer for their careers. These people have no problem with meetings as long as they're not required to speak or be the center of attention. If they are called on to speak they experience a sudden feeling of anxiety which is the beginning of a panic attack that may cause them to stutter and in rare cases even become unable to speak one word. This is not the same as the fear of speaking in front of groups. Rather it's a fear of screwing up or doing something wrong in front of your co-workers.

Panic attacks and a phobia for public speaking can create unbalance in your life, how much depends on their level of intensity. The first step towards solving this problem is to realize that this will not change overnight. You must be willing to put forth focus and persistence to see last improvements. You must also take a pro-active approach. Meaning that you do not start looking for a cure to public speaking anxiety a couple of days before big talk. That strategy will not work. The key here is self-confidence. The only reason you fear public speaking is because your focus is on what you do not want, to fail. Building your self-confidence is the best way to eliminating this fear.

The fact is that it's exceptionally easy to get rid of the fear of public speaking. We humans love to make things infinitely more complicated than they need to be, by constantly avoiding what we're afraid of instead of facing it, head-on. Look at anyone who is terrified of speaking in front of groups or in public and you will see it happening. They'll do everything in their power to not have to do it. They'll do any and everything they can to get out of it or avoid it. Self-confidence really comes from doing what you're afraid of, even though it scares you. That builds self-confidence and courage like nothing else.

The feelings you now label as fear and anxiety can actually be converted into a trigger of powerful and stimulating excitement. Use the increased activity level in your body to fuel your speech instead of letting it shut you down. Express, rather than suppress. In its most raw form fear is nothing but energy. Use it, as a "call to action" that it's time for you to step up and do whatever it is your afraid of. Give it a new meaning that "Now, is time for me to act and perform, to speak, to the best of my ability.

The key to everything, really, is how you focus your mind. Focus on what you want and keep it off of what you do not want. That is really the essence of what you must do to resolve this. And take action now, regardless of the fear. (See the links below to help you get started right away.)

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