The Best Wrinkle Cream Ingredients Emerge From the Pack

Stop surfing the web for a minute. Catch your breath, take a sip of water, and absorb the information in this article. You deserve a rest in your search for the best wrinkle cream for you, and we know you’re tired of the hunt. This never ending hunt for the best wrinkle cream has had you wading through advertising hype and suffering through trial after trial. We are about to uncover and discuss 5 ingredients in wrinkle creams that work and that are supported by real scientific evidence. From now on, as you browse the internet on your “Great White Wrinkle Cream Hunt”, you can simplify the task by looking for some simple ingredients. The list we’re going to discuss is not exclusive, but is a definite start and a guaranteed way to make sure you don’t buy another wrinkle cream with no real effect.

The ultimate wrinkle creams will contain more than just one of these ingredients, so watch for that, in your hunt. Pay attention to the key ingredients in prospective wrinkle creams and look for these. They are guaranteed to give you the best chance of finding a medical grade wrinkle cream that really will reduce your wrinkles and signs of aging. In NO particular order, here are 5 ingredients to look for in the best wrinkle cream.

The first ingredient on the list is copper peptides.
Copper is found in traces, in every cell that the body has. A copper peptide is when the copper is combined with small particles of protein. What a copper peptide does is interact with the skin and increase the ability of skin to heal its own wounds. If you didn’t know, a wrinkle is actually nothing more than a wound. So, healing wounds is, in scientific terms, what removing wrinkles is. When used in the best wrinkle creams the copper peptides go straight to the root of the skin and boost the ability to “heal” the wrinkles that there. Not by covering them up, but by actually making the skin heal. Also, Copper peptides make the skin start producing collagen again, like it did when you were young. There is no comparison in applying a collagen cream to your skin with actually making your skin produce it’s own. Whenever possible, your own skin’s collagen production is the best. Matrixyl is one such copper peptide that is become extremely popular with high-end wrinkle creams.

The second ingredient is a basic one, retinol.
Retinol is nothing more than vitamin A. It is one of the first wrinkle cream ingredients to be discovered, and is an antioxidant. Wrinkle creams containing retinol are quite common, although we consider retinol to be an important ingredient to consider. What retinol does, as an antioxidant, is eliminate free radicals. Not sure what a free radical is? Well, it’s just a “broken” oxygen molecule that leads to a breakdown of smooth skin, and the beginning of wrinkles. This ingredient is a nice compliment to any cream, but if this is the KEY ingredient in an anti aging cream, you shouldn’t be hoping for any miracles.

The third ingredient is a true breakthrough, called Sesaflash.
This is a trademarked active ingredient, where the effects are documented. It is used only in wrinkle creams and cosmetics, and is fairly uncommon to see in “drugstore” brands. It is made naturally by refining molecules from sesame protein (yes, like the seeds on sandwich buns). In the family of ingredients known as “tightening agents” Sesaflash rejuvenates the skin in comfort, tightens and lifts wrinkles within 5 minutes, and provides a moisturizing effect. Also, it smoothes and relieves wrinkling, sagging, puffy skin, and other signs of aging. The main thing that makes Sesaflash so different from other tightening agents is that the user doesn’t have to suffer through that uncomfortable “pulling” sensation that usually accompanies lifting or instant tightening agents. In addition to its tightening effects, this ingredient is backed by scientific studies that showed users gaining the benefit of deep moisturization.

The fourth ingredient we’re discussing is Renovage.
Renovage is a trademarked preventative active ingredient, for anti aging. Made in Paris, France, by Sederma, it is an expensive ingredient, which makes the products that contain it in “the big leagues” as far as quality and likelihood of really having a dramatic effect on your skin. Renovage is much more than an ingredient focused on wrinkles. Although it does remove wrinkles, it focuses widely on all of the signs of aging. Redness, age spots, enlarged pores, and wrinkles are among the symptoms of aging that Renovage stomps out. Renovage, unlike most other key ingredients is preventative too, so younger users who don’t yet show all the signs of aging skin, can make sure they retain their youthful look, before any signs of aging emerge.

The last type of key ingredient we will discuss is Hydroxy Acids.
The three kinds of these acids found in fruit containing sugar are alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acids. What they do, as exfoliants, is remove the uppermost layer of the skin, shedding dead, dull cells, and revealing the youthful layer underneath. They also encourage new growth of smooth, equally pigmented new cells. There is a side effect of using hydroxy acids. Your skin, because it is missing a layer of “protection”, provided by the dead cells that were removed, will be more sensitive to sun. As a result, it is important that for at least a week after using a hydroxy acid, you employ a liberal use of sun block, even when you don’t plan to enter the sun directly.

As you continue your quest for the best wrinkle cream you can buy, you will certainly find ingredients other than the ones discussed in this article. Look, however, at the ingredient list of the wrinkle cream you are considering, and see if at least one of the ingredients discussed here. If you don’t see one, you are rolling the dice that the product has any basis to work. A wrinkle cream containing more than two of the ingredients here is guaranteed to have an effect on your skin, and not just feel like another cream from the grocery store. In other words, chances are that you’ll be happier with your purchase. Now that you have a grip on five key ingredients that really work, and an idea of how they work, you are a much more educated consumer. Use this knowledge in your search for the best wrinkle cream, and you are guaranteed to have more success and make a much easier, better informed decision.