The Best Way To Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Stones in the tonsils are a very prevalent problem in society. Though little research has ever been done on these annoying yellowish orbs, doctors speculate that the rise in the number of sufferers stems from the decline in tonsillectomies over the past decade. Most people suffer in silence because often doctors neglect to explain what tonsils stones are and how to prevent them.

Tonsils are filled with lymphocytes, or cells that help fight bacteria and viruses. Scientists believe that tonsils functions as a means to trap infection before it enters your body. However, often tonsils seem to cause more harm than good because they tend to trap other debris as well.

Stones in your tonsils form when foreign debris becomes trapped in the nooks of the soft tissue in your tonsils and hardens or calcifies. People who suffer chronic tonsil inflammation are more likely to develop tonsil stones. They are also more likely to suffer the recurrence of tonsilloliths. The foul odor that emits from these stones is caused when bacteria feeds on the trapped debris.

The most typical, and most embarrassing, symptom of the presence of stones in your tonsils is intensely bad breathe, resulting in halitosis. One might even indicate a sulfurous odor emitting from the back of the throat. Other symptoms are sore throats, presence of white or yellow substance in the tonsils, and difficulty swallowing. Your tonsils may also be enlarged which could result in ear pain.

If you suffer chronic tonsillitis which brings about stones, you do not have to have your tonsils removed. Surgery should never be a last resort, especially for adults. The recovery is often more painful than anything you have been through with tonsil inflammation. There are many ways to treat your tonsil stones at home. You can try removing them on your own with an object such as tweezers or a dental pick. You may also find many home remedies on the market to help you rid of your tonsilloliths for good. For the best way to get rid of stones in your tonsils go to