The Best Way To Detox: Improve Lymphatic System Functions With A Soft Bounce Rebounder Workout

Forget nasty concoctions and expensive clinics. Detoxification doesn’t have to be a chore. The best way to detox is with a soft bounce rebounder work-out. Here’s why:

Your lymphatic system is awesome, and it can do an excellent job of removing toxins from your body, but if you don’t move, it can’t work. The lymph system doesn’t have a pump. It depends on your movement to do its job.

When your lymphatic system is congested, you can have one or more of these symptoms:


–Eczema and other skin problems

–Chronic sinusitis

–Heart disease

–Low energy

–Fibrocystic disease

–Multiple Sclerosis




–High blood pressure

–Viral infections

–Bacterial infections

–Low back pain




–Excessive sweating


Getting your lymph system functioning properly is essential to good health.

When you rebound, the bouncing motion stimulates circulation of the lymph fluid while also, as an added benefit, harmonizing your thyroid at the same time. Rebounding is the optimal movement for your lymph system because it uses your whole body.

When you rebound, you bounce up and down in a way that’s easy on the joints. Depending on the quality of your rebounder, this motion can be all you need to detox your whole body. This total body up and down action activates the fluid so it can cleanse and nourish all 100 trillion of your cells. It also tones your muscles and internal organs. This strengthening of your internal organs allows them to function better, so they also get to work removing toxins.

Here’s some experiential proof of how rebounding affects the lymphatic system function:

A woman who uses a rebounder said, “I was recently getting a massage. The masseuse was massaging my upper arms near my armpits and made the comment that there weren’t any small lumps that she normally feels on most people. I told her that I rebound regularly. She immediately said that she had observed that same phenomenon (lack of lymph clumps) on other people she massaged who did regular rebounding. Even though I intellectually knew about increased lymphatic circulation from rebounding, it was great to experience the physical proof.”

Another woman used a rebounder to help her through a health crisis. She combined a natural diet, removing unnatural substances from her environment and an hour a day of rebounding to heal herself of breast cancer. Of course, this isn’t scientific proof and in no way a guarantee that rebounding will help other people with cancer, but it certainly suggests the incredible healing benefits of rebounding.

The best way to detox can be pretty darn fun. You can improve your lymphatic system function, and therefore your health, with soft bounce rebounder exercise.