The Best Way to Deal With Technical Support Agents

We have all been there. The computer seems to have a beef with you, delaying your work, not turning on the way it is supposed to, just basically making an already difficult task significantly harder. When things like this happen we are left with little choice but to ask for help. Unfortunately we are left with little choice but to deal with someone over the phone to handle our problems.

It may not seem like much of a problem. Just dial the hotline and a friendly voice will be waiting on the other line. However, the hotline can only be reached after a few hours of listening to boring elevator music and the voice on the other line is not the friendliest you can hear.

However unfriendly they are, there is one thing that every technical support representatives have in common and it is that they want to help you resolve your problem. Some want to do it out of the kindness of their heart but most of them do it because it makes their job easier.

Due to the difficulties in communication and the general difficulty of working with technology, talking to a tech support agent can take longer than it should be. Here are some simple tips to make the process easy for both of you.

Preparation is one of the first things you can do. Before you even call, make sure that you know exactly what problem you are experiencing. It would be wise to write it down so that you have a record should you encounter problems in the future. If you can turn on your computer, you should do it even before you make the call. It may seem silly but it would also be wise to go to the bathroom before making the call. Also get a pen and paper ready for the instructions he or she will give you.

When you have made the call and you are now speaking to an agent on the phone it would be a lot easier if you handed the controls to him or her. Let her lead you through the call. Although your problem may be unique, chances are they have heard it before. Wait for them to ask for the information before you volunteer it. These tech support agents handle hundreds of calls a day and your call can be made more efficient by giving them control of the phone call.

Having someone more familiar with computers nearby is also a good way to make sure the call runs smoothly. If you speak another language and not particularly a strong English speaker, then it would be wise to have someone interpret for you. After all, you must understand each other to successfully resolve the problems of your computer.

Finally, say thank you and please. He or she is there to help and they already feel unappreciated as it is. Some common courtesy and niceness can go a long way to resolve your computer problems in a pleasant and quick time frame.