The Best Of Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis is a type of inflammation that causes coughing, wheezing and possibly fever. It hits about 5 percent of adults every year. Over 90% of all acute bronchitis infections are caused by a virus not bacteria. The virus is similar as those that cause the common cold and influenza. For bronchitis treatment, the doctor will order pills or antibiotics that don’t help.  It is therefore usual to develop bronchitis as a secondary infection which follows a common cold or flu-like symptoms, or is accompanied by them.

Recent clinical studies have found that antibiotics are ineffective as bronchitis treatment and cause more harm than they do good. But doctors still prescribe antibiotics for bronchitis treatment in 7 to 10 cases.

The good news is that over 75% of Americans are turning to herbal supplements and alternative care for bronchitis treatment, often because they feel let down by conventional
medicine according to a new government survey. Americans think that herbal supplements are far safer for bronchitis treatment and they feel comfortable using them.


Herbal medicine is well – known for its tonic effect. It provides significant benefits to the respiratory system and is effective for bronchitis treatment. The main organs of the respiratory system are the lungs that perform the vital function of transporting oxygen from the air into the bloodstream. The average person breathes up to 25,000 times each and every day.  Many factors influence respiratory health. Amongst them are genetics, pollution, infectious illnesses, allergies, body weight and even diet.

While most of us take easy breathing for granted, those that struggle for breathe, come to realize the value of healthy respiration. The majority of bronchitis cases stem from viral infections and lung irritants on which antibiotics have no effects. Bronchitis treatment aims to make the patients more comfortable until the symptoms resolve on their own. There is no cure for bronchitis. All you can do is ease the symptoms. Antibiotics or chemical drugs are harmful for bronchitis treatment because they only mask the symptoms.

You can get better naturally by using alternative or natural cures for bronchitis treatment.  Heal your bronchitis the natural way! The most important things to do are:  rest your body, drink plenty of liquids, soothe your throat with honey, place yourself in a humid environment using a humidifier and support your respiratory system with herbal medicines.