The Best Man Speech Toast

In a wedding, the best man speech toast will be one of the most important parts. It should be well-prepared and should be personal and sincere. In order to come up with a wonderful best man speech toast, refer to the following guidelines

Before writing your speech, it would be very helpful if you first think of the groom's personality. Consider how you know him as a person, as a friend, or as a brother. Your speech should mirror the exercises of the bridgroom.

The best man speech toast should not exceed 10 minutes in length. The shorter is usually better, but just make sure that you've already pointed out the best things that need to be said.

During the wedding, never drink too much in order to stay sober and be responsible with the words that you need to say. A drunken man may burst out jokes that can offend guests, considering that the families of both parties are present.

For your opening remarks, which are usually the toughest part of a best man speech toast, avoid starting with a big joke or an outrageous comment. It would be much better if you can keep it simple and in a respectable manner. You can deliver the jokers in the succeeding lines of your best man speech toast.

You may also refer to some speech examples; just work on it a bit. Spice it up and make it more personal using your friendship with the groom and you'll surely make a wonderful toast.