The Best Home Remedies for Prostate Health

The best home remedies for prostate health are those that contain natural anti-inflammatory properties to promote healthy immune system function and higher states of wellness. Studies have shown that natural plant ingredients are optimally served as preventative medicine to stave off illnesses. They work by assisting the regulatory processes of organ systems and glands, including the prostate.

Today, natural remedies have been given the label "alternative medicine" and have become part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Many of these herbs and spices contain curative properties.

A list of the best home remedies presented here, include some that has been incorporated into healthcare facilities as part of a complementary and alternative therapy system.

Natural Home Remedies

1: Echinacea stimulates the immune system and treats symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTI).

2. Cranberry juice has been used to prevent and treat acute UTI of the prostate by essentially changing the pH of the urine; it is therefore associated with treating health conditions for both sexes.

3: Sea Holly (Eryngium campestre) is a root plant that grows above ground. The roots are known for their powerful antispasmodic properties and are excellent for prostatitis and UTI. The roots are also used to treat urinary retention and kidney calculi (stones).

4: Brewed coffee, grinded from beans is a healthy alternative to diuretic medicines. It increases urine production and thus relieves complaints related to urinary retention.

5: Nettle is arguably an irrigation herb for the urinary tract, cleansing the urethral tube and ridding the body of infections. It is currently debated as a possible treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH).

6: Saw Palmetto is said to be effective in treating a high percentage of patients with enlarged prostate, after use of just over three months.

7: Selenium can be ingested as a supplement or taken from foods containing its properties (example, Brazil nuts). Selenium has been shown to reduce cancer risks.

8: Garlic is best known as a natural antibiotic to ward off infections and destroy free radicals. It is used to prevent UTI and promote prostate health.

9: Golden seal acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that kills bacteria and fights against UTIs. The key component in golden seal is said to be "berberine." Golden seal is available in tea, capsule, and liquid extracts.

10: Zinc is an essential element that is naturally found in some foods (Oysters, pumpkin seeds, poultry, chickpeas and almonds). Its properties have been shown to contribute to the health of the prostate by acting as an immune system booster. Zinc can be obtained as a dietary supplement to maintain a homeostatic (balanced) state in the body.

11: Pumpkin seeds contain unsaturated fatty oil that produces a natural diuretic effect. It aids in the fight against benign prostatic hyperplasia.

While the best home remedies for good prostate health may contain a higher concentration of one nutritive component over another, a balanced diet is still highly recommended for good health. This includes a wholesome approach to healthy living with regular exercise and an occasional visit to your doctor.