The Best Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Cold and Flu Season

Spring is here, but while we are still close to winter, colds and flu abound. Children pass germs and virus around in school; we touch door knobs, grocery carts or someone near sneezes, passing along illness that can put one in bed for a week.

In cases of small children or the elderly and infirm, a bad case of the flu can even be deadly. Why not turn to aroma therapy to fight against illness in a natural way. One highly recommended essential oil is named "Thieves" or sometimes "The Thieves". It is actually a combination of natural oils and was developed during the Black Plague years.

As people died in their homes or lay dying, thieves were surviving by robbing the homes. In order to prevent from getting the Plague themselves, they found a blend of natural oils that kept them healthy so they could continue their thievery; hence the name of the essential oil blend.

The mixture has passed through the years and today companies that provide the "Thieves" blend of essential oils keep the exact blend of the aroma therapy oils secret – but it does work very well.

People who use the 100 percent natural oils in an essential oil diffuser enjoy the benefits of using this alternative means of remaining healthy while their friends and coworkers are exposed to viruses in the air and get ill. This aroma therapy is recommended especially for those who can not take flu shots due to allergies to carrier components or who prefer to avoid vaccines.

Create a disinfectant spray by blending 20 drops sweet orange essential oil with 1- drops lavender essential oil and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil. Store this mixture in a dark brown glass container. Blend 8 drops of the mixture to one cup purified water and disperse through the home with a spray bottle.

Do not make more spray than you can use at one time. Usually one cup will cover the average home or two cups for an extra-large home. You can alternate oils with cinnamon, clove or thyme to create a blend you love.

If you wish to use a single aroma therapy oil in your diffuser, eucalyptus is probably the best. It not only smells great, but has germicidal properties to help keep everyone in the household healthy and energized. Only 3-4 drops are needed in with added water as recommended by your aroma diffuser product.