The Best Cold Calling Script

The best cold calling script answers the question, “why shouldn’t I hang up on you?” To take it even further, the best cold calling script does it in the first 30 seconds; because let’s be honest, if you don’t hook the prospect in the first 30 seconds… you’re done.

First off, when we say script we’re not talking about a definitive speech that cannot be deviated from. In plain English; we’re not talking about a script you should be reading word for word.

Think of your script as your core, something you build each cold call on. It’s supposed to help you remember what message you are trying to convey. Or else you could sound like this:

“My… name… is… John… I… work… for… Smith… Associates…”

Oh h*ll no!!! The caller on the other line will think they’re listening to a hooked on phonics commercial.

A script is nothing but an outline or agenda. I simple process you follow throughout each of your phone calls.

The secret to creating the best cold calling script:

  1. Targeting a market
  2. Doing the research to find their pains

Forget every trick, technique, strategy… and focus in on solving problems, creating value.

Once you find their pain point, your script just needs to reflect how you can solve those pains. The biggest percentage of the success of your script is whether or not you found a “painful” enough pain and if you can convey your ability to solve it. They need to believe that you are the remedy to their pain… you and only you.

Here’s an example of what not to do:

“…Mr. Prospect, my company can do this… my company can do that… we specialize in this… we specialize in that…”

The prospect doesn’t care what you can do, but what you can do for them… huge difference.

Here’s an example of what to do:

“…Mr. Prospect, I know a main concern in your industry is… we’ve recently done some work for other companies in the industry, helping them solve this problem… how do you currently handle this issue?”

Hit them right in the face with their pain and then position yourself as someone who can fix it. Of course, there is more to the structure of a cold call, like what to say and what not to say; but that needs to come second.

Get straight to the point and let them know how you can solve their issues. Don’t focus on what your company can offer, but what problems your company can solve. If your script creates value for the prospect on the other end of the phone, then you’ve got one h*ll of a script.