The Benefits of Organic Tulsi Tea


Organic Tulsi Tea is a refreshing and healthier substitute for coffee. Made from organic Tulsi or Holy Basil as it is popularly known; the tea is a perfect blend of Tulsi leaves and blossoms with various other herbs that include lemon, ginger, chamomile, Brahmi, honey, Jasmine flowers etc. Not only is the flavor spectacular with combinations that include pomegranate with Tulsi and raspberry with Tulsi but you also get the benefits of all the herbs used in the concoction.

Tulsi alone is a remarkably potent herb with various medicinal properties. It is considered to be sacred in most Indian households and has long enjoyed a position of hegemony in Ayurvedic scriptures. Some of the benefits associated with the consumption of Tulsi include: Tulsi is a potent nerve tonic and works as a memory booster. It also helps to remove the chest congestion by removing the phlegm from the bronchial tubes. The leaves are very good for the digestive system and can help in weight reduction.

Basil is extremely effective against common ailments like fever and cold. It is also potent against malaria and dengue fever. Tulsi has long been used in Ayurveda as a herbal cough syrup and expectorant. It also helps to reduce the intensity of asthma attacks. Tulsi works well against all respiratory disorders. When combined with honey and ginger it can be used as a remedy against influenza, cough, cold and asthma. It also helps to cure sore throat.

Basil is also known to strengthen the kidney and help in the expulsion of kidney stones through the urinary tract. It reduces blood cholesterol level and hence is very useful against cardio vascular ailments and resultant weakness. Basil is particularly effective against children’s ailments like cough, cold, fever, vomiting and even chicken pox. It is a strong anti stress agent and helps in the purification of blood. It promotes healthy skin, teeth and hair.

Tulsi is rich in antioxidants and protects the cells from damage caused due to free radicals hence it helps to fight the signs of aging. When coupled with the other herbs the concoction is not only delicious but has several benefits including:

o Promotes clarity and calmness

o Boosts Stamina

o Very rich in antioxidants

o It is nature’s own anti-aging treatment

o Improves Metabolism and helps in weight reduction

o Boosts the immune system