The Benefit of a Low Sodium Diet

Low-sodium diets are useful in the management of hypertension and in conditions in which sodium retention and edema are prominent features, particularly congestive heart failure, chronic liver disease, and chronic renal failure. Sodium restriction is beneficial with or without diuretic therapy. Low-sodium diets are widely reported to reduce blood pressure and are recommended by the American College of Cardiology in the treatment of mild hypertension.

Seaweed preparations have been shown to decrease blood pressure by a mechanism involving ion exchange. Low-sodium diets are prescribed to help control high blood pressure. These limit the amount of sodium in the diet to less than 2 grams per day (about half the amount of sodium in the average diet). Low sodium diets are often used with diuretics to get rid of surplus fluid. This combination helps to reduce weight. These diets are also helpful if we are fortunate it can help add some time to our life.

Low sodium diets are beneficial in preventing heart disease. Eliminate foods that are high in salt content. They are helpful in reducing urinary output. Thiazides or indomethacin may also help reduce urinary output , though there are side effects to consider. Low sodium diets are a necessity for some and a goal for others. Sodium is not only found in a salt shaker, 75% of our salt intake comes from packaged foods alone. Special low sodium foods are available from many gourmet meat and foods purveyors. Low sodium diets are often advised to prevent heart disease and followed by people who have an existing heart condition or a family history of heart disease.

There has been much publicity regarding the amount of salt included in the majority of processed foods. The Dash Diet is considered to be one of the most effective diets for lowering sodium intake and blood pressure. The most common source of sodium in our diet is table salt added to foods. Low-sodium cottage cheese spoils quickly, and has very low demand. I can understand why most stores do not want to carry it.

The low sodium diet is the type of diet that is easy to maintain as there are many food choices that are available. As a result, a low sodium lifestyle does not have to be boring and it will not become old. Until next time keep living your best life.