The Beck Depression Scale


Scientist has developed equipment to measure the presence, level of depression called Beck Depression Scale. This Beck Depression Scale (BDI) is currently being used by many psychiatrists world over to help diagnosed people from types of depression.

The Beck Scale is successful in diagnosing people experiencing symptoms of depression. There are many incidents of people suffering from depression all their life and still could not identify depression. They were putting up with miserable, pathetic condition due to depression but could not recognize it.

The beck depression scale is successful where other hardly could provide any assistance to cure depressive patients. Scale contains different settings that are important in disclosing results of depression test.

Scale assists psychiatrists to recognize depression, and its severity in the patient. This helps psychiatrists to have deep understanding of problems faced by the depressive persons. Beck Depression instrument can be employed for used against all ages both adults and adolescents.

Ever since beck scale has been invented, the inventory got through many improvements and further developments. The beck scale is also called in short BDI scale. This BDI scale contains 21 items to access the intensity of depression in various types of depression.

Such as clinical Depression or even for normal patients on self report scale. The BDI scale assesses emotional, physical, physiological signs of depression. Like for instance scale observes patients behavioral changes such as their mood, guilt, self dislike or self accusation, suicidal ideas, crying, irritability, insomnia, work difficulties, social isolation and such.

Other factors taken in account by BDI are appetite, weight loss, fatigue, sense of failure and worthlessness. It takes almost just 10 minutes for people complete BDI. After which doctor gets indication about level of depression patients is suffering and also its severity.

There are items in BDI inventory that corresponds to a specific category of depression symptoms. This along with attitude and final score on the BDI scale display a person’s state of mind. And hence confirming presence of depression in that person’s life.

Though beck scale provides correct and accurate results. People should know that it is easy for person conducting depression test to change the testing results and show that person is fine and is not suffering any depression. In other words, tests result are easily subjected to manipulation by the person testing it.

The scale also does not provide complete reliability. If any one goes through inventory at a different time. The inventory scale shows different results depending on changes in the patient’s mental state since last depression testing.